Client Attraction, Pricing &

Charging What You’re Worth

Business Strategy Client Atraction, Pricing

I do a lot of work with women around their self worth, self esteem and their money mindset.  One of the places this often shows up in business is with attracting clients or attracting the right clients.

I’m often asked how to price products, services and programmes, and I’ve gone from charging £25 an hour and raising my prices a little every year to doubling, tripling and quadrupling my income by now offering high end VIP Days and Platinum Programmes.  I now teach my private clients how to do the same.
In this short video, I’m sharing some ideas around;
  • Attracting the Right Clients for You
  • How to Charge What You’re Worth
  • How to Uplevel Your Life & Business

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I’ll be doing more facebook livestreams next week, so come Join us in the Wealthy Business Goddess Facebook Group, my free mastermind for women who are ready to step into their purpose, passion and prosperity, create the life and business of their dreams whilst serving the world and making fabulous money.
Want my help with your packaging and pricing or creating your own VIP Days or High End Programmes? Drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to connect and explore how I can help you.
Have a question? drop me an email and let me know your biggest challenge right now and any suggestions you have for topics you’d like me to focus on in my videos.
Look forward to connecting with you again soon

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