Do You Have A Big Vision and Need Help Grounding It?

Are you fed up, tired, overwhelmed, struggling, stuck or confused?

Are You Ready Now To Take Your Business To The Next Level And Start Living Your Dreams?

Here’s just some of what you could achieve on a VIP Day

  • Sky Rocket Your Self Esteem and Confidence, Develop Your Magical Money Mindset, Create Your Magnetic Presence so that You Can Attract More of Your Ideal Clients Who Love To Work With You
  • Connect With Your Unique Soul Purpose
  • Identify Your Lucrative Niche Market
  • Transform Your Money Story, Clear Your Unconscious Money Blocks and Create Your Money Breakthrough
  • Craft Your First or Next Irresistable Offer
  • Create and Develop Your First Product (ebook, home study)
  • Learn the Secrets to Leveraging Your Time to Serve More People and Increase Your Income
  • Identify Multiple Income Streams with my Profit Pyramid System
  • Create your 6 Figure Business Plan
  • Create Your Secret Sauce Signature Programme
  • Learn The Secrets of New Lead Generation
  • Learn The Heart of Soulful Selling and attract 100% of your Ideal Clients
  • Map out Your 30 Day Client Attraction Marketing Plan
  • Map out your Year Marketing Plan
  • Design your first or next High End Programme
  • Create and Develop Your First Product (ebook, home study course)
  • Experience a Money Breakthrough! (double, triple or quadruple your sales/income)
  • Create Your Own Live or Virtual VIP Day/Live Event
  • Plan Your Next Product Launch
  • Create Your Group Programme
  • Develop Your Personal Brand with my Branding With Archetypes Training®

Now clearly we’re not going to be able to achieve all of this in one day, BUT we’ll get clear on your individual needs and design your personalised VIP day so that you have the clear vision and strategy you need to create a quantum leap.  You’ll be amazed at just how much we can cover on your VIP Day Intensive!


“Business Breakthrough ” VIRTUAL VIP Day  5 hours

No travelling time or expenses the Virtual VIP takes place from the comfort of your own home, so wherever you are in the world, with the latest Skype technology, we can still be face to face.


  • Done for you templates, checklists,
  • 30 minute follow up and implementation call


“Business Breakthrough”  LIVE VIP Day – 6 hours + Lunch at a fabulous Hotel! After all you’re a VIP!


  • Done for you templates, checklists,
  • 30 Days Accountability & Support
  •  2 x 30 minutes follow up calls

Perfect Location with one of my Platinum Clients on her VIP Day

Business Breakthrough 1/2 Day VIP (Live or Virtual) 3 hours


  • Business Breakthrough Coaching and Mentoring tailored to your specific needs
  • Done for you templates, checklists, etc
  • 30 Days Accountability & Support
  • 30 minute Follow Up Call

Kim & Jenny

 Platinum Client, Jenny Lynn’s VIP Day

Sandy & Kimberley

Platinum Client Sandy Bowie enjoying her VIP Day as we dived into her Branding and birthing a New Business

Through personal accident the Universe has given me time out and therefore I have been trying to use the time wisely to be clearer on my soul’s purpose and the way forward.  After working with Kim on her Soul Niche Programme, I am now clearer on my soul purpose and have identified the way forward.  Kimberley’s process is not only quick but extremely powerful.  I have identified new business models and ways of working that will help me to reach more people and live my soul vision. For those of you pondering and sitting on the fence please get off it and get on with the reason you are here.  If you’re needing clarity on your life purpose, I highly recommend you to work with Kimberley as soon as possible.

Nina Dungey, Therapist




“Kimberley has introduced me to new business models and given me the encouragement and the inspiration to create higher value coaching progammes and start charging what I’m worth.  As a result of working directly with Kim, I have adopted the new business models, so that I am no longer trapped trading time for money and have created programmes that will increase my income by 400%!.  Crazy though it seems, I know I am providing greater value to my clients and am confident that they will snap up these programmes.  I now have a 3, 6 and 12 month vision mapped out for my business and with new business models that will support me in taking my business mobile, wherever I am in the world.  I’m excited to be launching my new programmes!”


Jessica Rose

“I had invested in an intensive marketing course but something was missing and fortunately I found that in Kim.  She pointed out that I was 80% there, I had a lot of the practical and emotional things sorted but without individual attention on my business and my emotions I was aware that I may never get my business off the ground.  One ‘VIP day’ later and I have a complete strategy for launching not one but 3 products and it’s such a relief.  I’ve got lots of work to do to finalise everything but I know that I’ll stick to my deadlines as I will be submitting accountability forms to Kim.  I am very excited about the future!”

Kate Cave


If you’re ready to invest in yourself and receive all the support that you need, then Apply for more details… now.  We’ll set up a time to connect and explore to make sure this is right for you and then we’ll schedule dates.

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