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Hey Beautiful,

Do you know that more is possible, even if you’re not sure how?

Imagine what it would be like to create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you ready to uplevel your life and business? To uplevel your impact and income? To regain your time and energy and attract your dream soulmate clients that you’re here to serve? To live your life with more love, joy, abundance, success, and purpose?  Would you love more joy, money, magic, and miracles in your life?

What if you could create more fun, more ease, more joy in life and in business?  What if you could create a life and business that actually works for you, rather than you work for it?  (Who wants another job right?)

What if I told you it’s possible for you to create a life and business that you love and one that loves and adores you?

Growing your business the way you want is not only possible but a happy reality for the heart-centred, soul-led, visionary, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs that I work with, who like you arrived here fed up of hustling, spinning their wheels, working too many hours, struggling to attract clients, grow or scale their business.

There are no synchronicities, nothing is by chance, you’re here, whether you know it or not to create the life and business you desire, because my friend, in a world of infinite possibilities, You Are the Magic.

Your desire, your choice, your willingness to embrace and embody your unique dreams or desires, and your willingness to embrace all of who you are creates a new possibility, a new reality for this planet!

Are you ready to acknowledge the magic, the greatness of you, and the gift and contribution you truly are in the world? To discover your purpose, passion, spirit & destiny?

Your soul is calling you to transform your life, your business, and the lives of others through living your passion and your purpose, and creating a thriving and prosperous business.  Are you ready to step up and answer that call?

You are on this earth to make a difference, to birth a new paradigm, a world based on love, unity, and collaboration that is filled with infinite possibility, a world where you can live beyond your wildest dreams. You’re ready to discover, embrace, and embody your greatness and tap into the abundance of treasures that the universe wants you to receive.

I have a multitude of gifts and capacities to support you in creating and transforming anything and everything.

Are you ready to receive the support you, your body, and your business have been praying and asking for?

What is truly possible for you, your life, your living, your business, money flows, health, and relationships, that you’ve not yet chosen? 

What if you really can have it all? Or maybe you want just a bit more 😉 

What magic can I contribute to you, your choices and creations I wonder? 

My work is a rich blend of Intuitive Business Coaching and Mentoring, Strategy, Mindset, (NLP, Hypnosis, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing) Energetic Mastery, Embodiment, and Alignment.

Ready to play? 

If you’re ready NOW (cos NOW is where YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE)

to transform your purpose & passion into gold and create the life and business of your dreams, so I invite you to check out my programmes and services to see how I can best support you.

Discover your brilliance, power, and magic, and start living your dreams with the vision, clarity, and focus that you need right now.

What could you choose for your life, your business, and your living if you knew you had infinite choice, infinite possibility?

Imagine waking up feeling happy, inspired, and passionate as you embark on another fun day, fulfilling your unique soul purpose, attracting your ideal clients, and making fabulous money doing what you love. Now let’s make it a reality!

I’m Kimberley Lovell, Intuitive Business Coach, Mentor, and Energy Alchemist.  Working with women and men like you, I help transform lives, easily and gracefully by blending together Soul, Money, Business, Marketing, Energy, and Mindset while embracing, embodying, and channelling the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.

My passion is helping you create more Love, Money, Magic, and Miracles in your life and in your world so you get to fully express your unique abilities, gifts, and talents in the world and experience the happiness, success, fulfillment, and prosperity you deserve.

When you partner with me as your guide, I’ll invite and empower you to identify and transform your deep-rooted blocks and limitations, to replace old beliefs and behaviours with new empowering ones. To connect with your Future Self and embrace the magic you truly be, and create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

I promise to share with you, my energy-healing secrets, my knowledge, skills, experience, strategies, tools, tips, processes, and resources to empower you to overcome the challenges and blocks that have been holding you back.

Are you ready to start creating your life, living, business, money, relationships, body, and your whole life from possibility, joy, magic, and ease?

What can I invite you to choose now, that you’ve never been willing to choose before, that if you would choose it, will change your life, living, business, relationships, health, and money flows, magically and dynamically?

With Love, Magic, Miracles, and Infinite Possibilities



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Let’s Make It A Reality!

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“Just days after my VIP Day where Kimberley and I developed my own VIP and launch strategy I sold my very first VIP Day for 3k.”

I’ve been working with Kimberley for about two weeks now, I’ve just completed her VIP day and now I am full of practical ideas of what I can do in my business to raise my game. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in, getting mentored and coached by Kim over the next few months and getting my proposition really clear and my offer really focused on how I can help more people do more with their lives, whilst helping me do more with mine. I’m so grateful to Kimberley for everything she’s given me and I’m looking forward to working through the whole program with you. 

Jenny Lynn 

Platinum Client

“I can’t recommend her highly enough and if you’re thinking about working with Kimberley then I’d say stop thinking about it and just do it because you’re really going to get lots of value from her.”


I’ve found Kimberley to be really there for me at every moment that I’ve needed her when I’ve had those times when I’ve been overwhelmed, or I’ve just felt a bit fed up, or why am I doing this. We all go through it when we’re business owners, but she’s brought me back up, she’s been an amazing support to me. She’s not one of those coaches that just gives a little but as much as she’s got. She gives you everything she’s got and more and she’s just a lovely beautiful person to boot so if you think about doing it go ahead, I hope this has helped you make that decision because that decision will change your life, I’m sure it’s going to change mine. Thanks very much.


Debbie Golec

Business Alchemy Platinum Programme


“I really have a clear plan to move forward and start working immediately”


I’m on Kimberley’s Platinum program. I’ve just had my VIP day and I found out lots of interesting things about myself, lots of breakthroughs on a personal level and as regards my niche, my business, I really have a clear plan to move forward and start working immediately. Months of procrastination and unfocused attention has now gone. YAY!


Michele Gamble

Platinum Programme + VIP Day Client

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You’re not alone on this journey now

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