Let’s make your 2017 Juicy Goddess.
The photo above is a picture I took in Cyprus recently this year. I love it for it’s juiciness.

The Pomegranate is the perfect fruit for New Year blessings.  Traditionally these fruit are hung in homes over the festive season and on New Year’s Eve the fruit is smashed, it’s seeds are released. This tradition dates back to Ancient Greeks to whom the Pomegranate was a symbol of rebirth, connected with the Goddess Venus represented by the fruit.


Heart Ceremony
Find a place to sit for a few moments.   Place your hands on your own beating heart. Send love to your heart, to your body and to your self.  As you focus on your heart and feel into the love that you are. What does your heart yearn for more than anything? What soul seeds and desires are wanting to be released? What gifts do you wish to share with the world? What is the transformation your soul has come to bring to the world? Take a deep breath, fill your heart will source light, allow your heart to expand and open, and witness your love, flowing out into the world, connecting with your divine sacred clients, those souls that you have promised to support. Feel the joy, as you connect with your divine clients, the joy of sharing and giving your gifts, the joy as you witness the transformation that your clients experience now, having worked with you, the joy that you feel, deep inside, as you enjoy sharing your gifts, talents, your time with those that inspire you, empower you to share ever more of your soul’s purpose, passion and prosperity. Visualise a beautiful bubble. This bubble is the life of your dreams.  Calling on source, your angels, your guides, the masters, to support you now in manifesting all your heart desires in 2017 in all areas of your life. Feel into your vision, your creation, tweaking it, until your heart is filled with joy, passion, purpose as your life unfolds. Feel the love, the joy, the peace, the excitement of being, doing, having it all and allow this energy to flow through every cell of your body.  It is done, it is done, it is done. And so it is NOW!

New Year Blessings

On this special day of 1/1/2017  (1/1/1) and all that we are becoming, I share with you this Sufi blessing of peace and protection, success and prosperity, health and happiness to you and yours.  For you, for your business, that you may continue to move forward with grace with ease and with joy as you shine your light, share your gifts and create the life and business of your dreams.

In the Name of the One
Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, Most Kind

I ask in the Name of the One to help us all to know
that our hearts are always cared for
that our every step is guided
that we need do nothing alone.
Help to open the way, to reveal the path,
to make the signs

I ask for nourishment, and support, in abundance for us all.
I ask that all of those who need the gifts that we’ve been given,
find their way to us
without blocks, or veils, or hesitations.

Make our provision easy.
I ask for love, and healing.
For mercy, and kindness.
For power and ability.
For gentleness and peace.
For strength and success.
For life, for justice, for form.

I ask for presence, and light.
And Love, and love, and love.

For you, and your loved ones, and your business, in this new year


With Love


Ask, Believe, Receive and It’s Yours





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