1. Raise Your Fees

Are you still charging an hourly rate?  Do you charge what you’re worth? Or what you think you can get?  How would you feel about increasing your charges? Most soulopreneurs undervalue what they do and charge much less than they are worth. Did you know for example that your net worth is linked to your self worth?  What are the stories that you’re telling yourself?  What unconscious beliefs are holding you back.

TIP: Imagine doubling, tripling or quadrupling your income.  Get yourself a Money Mindset Makeover and Create Your Money Breakthrough.  


2. Get More Clients

Do you have all the clients that you need? Are you working with your ideal clients? Do you have a lucrative Niche? (You need to offer something that people are willing to invest in) Chances are if you’re not yet attracting all the clients that you need, or working with your ideal clients, who love what you do and are willing to reward you for the value that you offer them, you have some limiting beliefs and you probably don’t have a client attraction system.

TIP: Learn the Art of Client Attraction and Enrolment, Create Heart Based Connections and Conversations To Connect with your Ideal Clients


3. Stop Trading Time for Money

If you’re still trading time for money, then you’re working with an outdated business model, that keeps you on that hamster wheel. Are you attached to hard work and struggle?  Your clients aren’t interested in how many sessions you offer, they are interested in the results you help them achieve!

TIP: Develop Your Own Unique Signature System So You Can Share Your Heart-Work, Charge What You’re Worth And Get It!


 4. Leverage Your Time & Work 1 to Many

If you’re not yet working with groups in some way, you’re keeping yourself small, working harder than you should and not serving all the people you’re here to serve.  Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re not ready, not good enough or perhaps you just don’t know how to package up your knowledge and monetize your magic.  Technology is a wonderful thing and we now have the ability to work with people worldwide.  The world is your oyster!

TIP:  Learn the Power of Leverage, Design, Create and Deliver Group Programmes and Serve More People!


 5. Get Support!

As women we are used to looking after others and being there for others, our family, friends, clients.  Who is there for you?  You can’t build a business by yourself.  Every successful business owner knows the value of a Business Mentor.   Business mentoring is the best investment you can make, in yourself and your business, saving you stress,  time, energy, money and costly mistakes.  What are your dreams worth to you?

TIP: Get Yourself a Business Mentor who will help you with all of the above!


As always feel free to leave your comments/questions/insights on the blog and let me know how I can serve you.


About the Author

Kimberley Lovell is an Intuitive Business Mentor working with women entrepreneurs in the area of Soul, Money, Marketing, Energy and Mindset.  She regularly helps women, double, triple and quadruple their income, whilst living their purpose and doing what they love.

To find out more about how Kimberley can help you, apply now for your Complimentary Business Breakthrough Discovery Session  email kimberley@kimberleylovell.co.uk

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