Let’s be honest here for a moment, we all have an inner critic and negative voices in our heads.

But is your negative self talk sabotaging your life or business? Have you thought about what or how much your negative self talk is really costing you? (self esteem, relationships, health, work, business, money)

How you talk to yourself will affect your energy and as your life and business is a refection of your personal energy/consciousness then ultimately it will affect your life and business too.

If you’ve heard of the law of attraction, you may be familiar with the phrase; be, do, have. Simply stated in order to have something, you need for your personal energy to be aligned and for your behaviours to be in alignment with and moving in a way that is aligned with that which you are wanting to attract or manifest.

Let’s say you want a successful business. You can’t experience that without a successful business mindset.

So take a moment right now to reflect on your being.  Who are you being right now?  Are you the happy and successful entrepreneur, with a positive mindset, focused on your outcomes and the solutions needed to help you achieve your goals?

Or are you playing victim,

“poor me

“nothing ever goes right”

“I can’t afford it,”

“ I hate marketing.”

“If only I had more time,”

“I wish……”


Go ahead and write down your top ten “whines” right now.


You see everything begins with a thought and how you think affects your energy, your business, others, in fact everything, because EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.
So let’s think about what would happen if you shifted your energy by thinking differently.  All it takes is a positive thought or a question!  You see we’re programmed to look for answers, but in order to get answers you have to ask the right question!  So if something you want or desire is not showing up in your life right now, ask yourself the right question.  See below for some hints.

Take your list of whines and transform them now into solutions.  What would have to happen for those whines to change?

e..g;  marketing is simply sharing your gifts with the world, now who doesn’t love to share their gifts, especially when you’re getting paid for them. ;O)


“I love helping others, by offering solutions and sharing my gifts with them :O)”

“I’m so blessed”

“I’m so grateful for…”


Asking the Right Question


“How can I better organise my time?”

“Where can I get the support that I need?”

“Where in my life/business am I happy?”

“How can I build on my success?”


See how much better these thoughts make you feel.  When you take ownership and responsibility for your feelings and your problems, you can change them!


When you feel differently, you will behave differently and get better results. It’s not magic, it’s simply you being the best you, you can be!


If you’d like some help and want the happiness and success mindset, drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to talk and remember STOP Whining. Start Shining! 🙂


I love connecting with you, so please leave your comments and thoughts. What’s your experience with mindset? How do you get back into alignment when your mindset’s off? Let us know on the blog below.


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