I believe we are eternal Spiritual beings, that our life is eternal, we are born into the physical realm of Earth to birth our Spiritual being, to live our purpose, our passion and our joy in this earthly playground and to evolve the collective consciousness of the earth.

I’ve been travelling in the Holy Lands in Israel recently and visited many beautiful places connected with Jesus, including the Via Dolorosa, (the way of grief/suffering) the path that Jesus allegedly took whilst carrying the cross to his crucifixion.

I love the different religions and cultures throughout our world and was so happy to hear contrary to what we often hear on the TV, that in Jerusalem the Arabs, Muslims, Jews and Christians, are living peacefully together.

Much of our religious beliefs are handed down throughout history and cannot be proven, they are ancient, translated, misinterpreted, yet I believe still offer valuable lessons and teachings.  I believe that all religions have a golden thread of truth that runs through them and preach the message of love and compassion.

Religions are man made, yet spirituality is God given.

I don’t know what religion you are, if any. but what I do know, is that if you’re here, then like me, you believe in your dreams and believe that you are here to live your Soul’s purpose, your heart’s desires to transform the world by sharing your gifts.  You’re a visionary, a leader and like those leaders that have come before us, you’ve probably experienced pain and suffering, trauma and numerous challenges to overcome. This is all part of the rich tapestry of life and moulds us to become what we came here to be.

I’m  sure that you’re doing your best to follow and embrace your spiritual path both personally and with your business, but I wonder how many of us are aware of our unconscious beliefs and how we sabotage our journey with our spiritual beliefs.

You see we crucify ourselves every day with your unconscious limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs, creating disharmony, illness and dis-ease in our mind, body, our lives and our business.

The truth however is that we’re not victims, there are no saviours, so if you’ve been suffering, if you’ve been burdened, I’m inviting you now to get off the cross of victim-hood and consciously create your reality by transforming your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Our thoughts are like prayers, and we get what we ask for!

I’m inviting you to look at the spiritual/religious beliefs you may have inherited with your religion or from your ancestors to see if they are serving you.

Many of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs I work with are holding unconscious religious beliefs, whether from this life, their ancestor’s religious beliefs or from past life, oaths, vows and religious beliefs that keep them from living their Souls purpose.

Here are some common spiritual beliefs that you can muscle test to see if they are sabotaging you.  I’ve had to change some of these beliefs myself on my journey as have many of my clients.

Muscle Testing Video

 Muscle Testing Instructions: Stand with your feet hip width apart.  Ask your unconscious mind to sway forwards for yes and backwards for NO.  Say yes, yes, yes and your body should move forwards.  No, no, no and your body should move backwards.  Say.  My name is (whatever your name is) and your body should sway forward.

Once you have checked that you can muscle test.  Test the following beliefs, by stating them aloud and muscle testing.  Some of these beliefs you will want to be yes, whilst others if they are yes, you will benefit from changing them.

I can be spiritual and rich.

Money is the root of all evil.

I have to work hard to earn money.

I know how to charge my worth for my spiritual gifts.

I have to serve the poor.

I have to save the world.

I’m a martyr.

I’m married to God.

I trust God/Source/Universe to support me.

It’s safe for me to share my spiritual gifts.

I’m persecuted for speaking my truth.

I’m abandoned by God.

I have to be alone to live my Soul’s purpose.

I’m allowed to talk to God.

It’s safe for me to use my intuition.

I have to give everything to the poor.

It’s wrong to charge for healing.


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