Does Your Branding Define Your Unique Brilliance?

Take this quick Branding Snapshot Quiz to find out.

My brand is: ___________________________________________________________________

My website URL is: ______________________________________________________________


Answer the following questions on a scale of 1-5 as honestly as possible.

1 = No

2 = Not much/not really

3 = Somewhat

4 – Mostly yes

5 = Absolutely!


_ 1. Does your brand suggest one clear, specific benefit?

_ 2. Does your brand clearly solve a specific problem?

_ 3. Is your brand 6 words or less?

_ 4. Does your brand get a positive response when people hear or see it?

_ 5. Do people clearly understand what your brand offers?

_ 6. Is your brand a unique, memorable twist that stands out from others offering similar services?

_ 7. Do you feel excited when you say your brand (does it represent YOU)?

_ 8. Is your brand trademarked?

_ 9. Does your brand clearly define a specific group of people?

_ 10. Is your brand congruent with your Brand Archetype?


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