New Moon Theta Healing Ceremony for Manifesting Your Hearts Desires

I love ceremony and rituals, they’re a great way for us to clear our energy, set our intentions and affect change and create powerful shifts and were often used by the Shamans and Medicine Men. Of course you can create ceremony and ritual any day of the week or time...

What’s LOVE Got To Do With Your Business

How To Sky Rocket Your Business To Success With The Power of Love As you think, so you are. As you imagine, so you become! ~ Anon So we’re agreed that everything is energy right?  I mean quantum physics tells us so.  Well in life there are essentially just two basic...

How to Use Your Body As A Pendulum

Imagine having access to your very own personal pendulum 24/7.   Watch this short video, to learn how to develop your intuition by tuning into your Body Wisdom and using your body as a pendulum.  This is a great way to access your intuition and make a decision whether...

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