No More ROI: The Real Way to Sell High-Priced Packages

Would you love to create, market, and sell high-value, high-end, high-priced coaching packages and programmes? Want to know what keeps a lot of coaches and service providers from charging what they’re really worth? It’s that all-too-common belief that “I am not a...

Stop! Before You Raise Your Rates…Do This

In every coach’s life, there comes a time when you simply have to raise your rates. Maybe you’ve been in business for years without a pay increase. Maybe your skills have recently improved through a new training course or certification. Or maybe you just want to...

Mindset Mastery Part 2 Life Lessons

Life Lessons & Silver Linings Life lessons are everywhere. Life is always bringing us lessons.  In every situation, there is a silver lining to be found and appreciated. Do you look at something that’s hard and get easily frustrated about how difficult it is? Do...

Client Attraction Tips

    I stumbled across this wonderful cartoon and thought it was the perfect analogy for great client attraction in action.  Note the word ACTION in ATTRACTION, yes I do teach attraction based marketing, and that includes action!  So following our little Taxi...

Business Success Video Series

Are you a heart centred woman entrepreneur? Are you ready to create the life and business of your dreams? Are you ready to have all that you desire with grace and ease? Would you love someone to share with you the keys to creating a thriving and prosperous business?...

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