Manifest Your Perfect Weight & Ideal Body

   Want to Lose Weight, Gain Weight or Simply Be More Comfortable with Your Body Are You Ready to Fall Truly, Madly and Deeply in Love With Yourself ,Your Body & Your Life? To Lose Weight, Eliminate Cravings & Find True Rhythm & Balance in your Life? To...

New Life Experiment

  Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. In Theta we learn to pull the unconscious limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programmes that are running from this life, past lives, collective unconscious, on the ancestral level and soul levels. The New...

Treat Yourself To A Few Mind Tricks

Samhain is soon upon us. Halloween. This is a time when traditionally people would connect with their loved ones in spirit, and with the saints. In truth we can always connect with those in spirit, our ancestors, our spirit guides, our guardian angels, the archangels,...

Snakes and Ladders

  Do you ever feel disheartened or disillusioned with life? Life and business for that matter is sometimes like a game of snakes and ladders.  There are ups and there are downs, this is natural and part of being human. No matter how positive we are, or what our...

Happiness & Success Come When You Meet The True Love Of Your Life

Valentines day is just around the corner and I’m going to be celebrating with my beloved, so I wanted to connect and share with you a little of my philosophy and understanding on life, love, money and relationships, because truly there is no separation.  How you...

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