New Years Re-Soul-utions

One of the biggest challenges when goal setting or setting New Year Resolutions is sticking with them.  So my lovelies, have you set your goals, intentions, yet?  Done your vision board?  Fear not, it’s never to late to dream, vision and take action.  Join me on...

What’s Stopping You?

Are you feeling blocked, stuck, frustrated?  Stuck in overwhelm, indecision, or procrastination, or just  not sure what direction you’re heading in? Find out what’s really stopping you and what to do about it in this video. PS:  I’m an intuitive and...

Business Challenges

Are you feeling challenged in your business right now?  Watch this video as I share how I set myself up for a challenging start to the year and how you can transform your challenges into fun, as you grow your business.     What is your greatest challenge?...

Soul Purpose & Niche

Are you asking yourself what’s my Life Purpose?  Do you know your true gifts and who you’re here to serve.  Are you clear on who is your ideal client?  Watch this video to find out why knowing your purpose and your niche are vital to the success of your...

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