Theta Healing Sound Healing Meditation

Meditation for Manifesting Your Hearts Desires. Listen to the sound of the ocean gently lapping on the shore, the waves crashing around the rocks as Transformational Coach & Master Theta Healer & Instructor Kimberley plays her Heart Crystal Bowl. Close your...

New Life Experiment

  Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. In Theta we learn to pull the unconscious limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programmes that are running from this life, past lives, collective unconscious, on the ancestral level and soul levels. The New...

Treat Yourself To A Few Mind Tricks

Samhain is soon upon us. Halloween. This is a time when traditionally people would connect with their loved ones in spirit, and with the saints. In truth we can always connect with those in spirit, our ancestors, our spirit guides, our guardian angels, the archangels,...

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