New Year Manifesting Ceremony

Let’s make your 2017 Juicy Goddess. The photo above is a picture I took in Cyprus recently this year. I love it for it’s juiciness. The Pomegranate is the perfect fruit for New Year blessings.  Traditionally these fruit are hung in homes over the festive...

Ultimate Key To Wealth Health Happiness All Your Hearts Desires

Would you like to know the Ultimate Key to Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love and All Your Heart’s Desires? I thought so. So let’s talk about how to consciously create and manifest anything and everything you want. I’ve been sharing a lot recently about...

Business Success Mindset

Your Business Success Mindset The Magical Keys To Holistic Business Success: How To Stop Unconsciously Sabotaging Your Business, Attract All The Clients You Want & Make More Money Doing What You Love Are you a healer, therapist, coach, trainer or spiritual...

Set Powerful Intentions That Manifest Happiness & Success You Desire

Intentions, what are they and how can they help you to begin manifesting all of the happiness and success you desire? So I recently asked you what 2016 has in store for you. In years gone by I had a ritual of going out and buying lots of magazines and newspapers with...

The Gift of Prophecy

  I am Elijah. I come to you this day as a guide, to communicate with you the gift and vibrational attunement of prophecy. As always to receive this gift you must first accept.  So let us talk more then of what prophecy is, so that you might understand more what...

5 Steps To Manifesting Abundance & All Your Hearts Desires

Step #1: Think about what you truly desire. And then commit yourself to receiving that thing that you want most. It could be attracting your soulmate, discovering your soul purpose, creating abundance, becoming healthier, travelling, building your business.  ...

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