Stop procrastinating, making excuses and holding yourself back from your highest good in life and in business with your unconscious limiting beliefs and feelings.  Allow me to guide you as we gain clarity on how your unconscious beliefs could serving you, the lessons, blessings and gifts that you can receive as you transform these unconscious beliefs and align with your heart and souls desires, live your purpose, passion and prosperity and make the difference that you came here to make in the world, whilst doing what you love.

What are you resisting in your life and business?

I’ve been sharing more about the law of attraction and business in our Wealthy Business Goddess Free Mastermind and some of the biggest blocks that surfaced were around resistance.    So today I have a little reflection and a great resource for you to clear these unconscious blocks.

So I want to ask you to reflect on this.  Where and what are you resisting in your life and business?

What do you really want?

What exactly is stopping you from aligning with and receiving all that your heart dreams and desires?

Here are some of the big blocks reasons (hmm excuses!) that came up for many of the women.
Do you struggle to make time for yourself and your business. Do you get caught up in working in your business and have no time to work on your business?  Working on your business will support you in creating a bigger impact, more income and much more.

Fear of failure or Success?
No of course you don’t have fear, after all you really want to move forward right?  Yet something is holding you back.  If you’re human, you’ll often experience fear when you want to move forward or go to the next level. You may not realise it, but unconscious fear is a big reason why we don’t align with the positive behaviours and actions we know will help us. Sometimes we hold an unconscious fear or failure and sometime we ever hold the unconscious fear of success, in fact, we can hold both of these beliefs at the same time. EEK.  Crazy but true!
Cynicism? Self Doubt? Low Self Worth?
Worried it might not work, worried you can’t do it, maybe you just don’t have it in you. Yep these are the limiting self beliefs and self talk that surface often when we’re moving forward.  You see a part of you is scared to make waves, a part of you just doesn’t like change, fears it even.  Maybe you’re not sure if you’re good enough, or if you’re worth it.  Here’s the thing. These fears will take you out of the game before you get started if you let them.   


I know you, you’re smart, you know better than to listen to your own or anyone else’s NEGATIVE TALK

So would you like to know how and what it feels like that you can rapidly shift your unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and feelings?

Would you like me to show you how, right now, in the comfort of your own home?

I did a little livestream video that earlier in the week at the end of our 7 day Law of Attraction and Business Challenge.  To be honest it was for those people who were ready to start building their business, attracting their ideal clients and wanting to join me in my programme.

You see sometimes, no matter how much we want something, we just can’t help ourself and take action, when we’re stuck in our limiting beliefs, so we hold ourselves back, sabotage, procrastinate and much more.

I don’t want this to happen for you and whether you join me in my programme or not, I’d love for you to receive some healing and clearing of these deep unconscious blocks, so that you’re free to move forward in your life and business, in the way that you choose.

Come and clear some of your beliefs.  You’ll feel so differently when you have the space and clarity to take the right action as you move forward in your life and business.

Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck.   Set yourself FREE now. Join me on this video and I’ll help you transform some of your unconscious beliefs and feelings so that you can move forward in your life and business right now.


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