I stumbled across this wonderful cartoon and thought it was the perfect analogy for great client attraction in action.  Note the word ACTION in ATTRACTION, yes I do teach attraction based marketing, and that includes action!  So following our little Taxi cartoon, the client knows what she needs to get from A to B, the Taxi is the perfect solution.  The Taxi is visible, available and in front of the client at the right time.  So here’s my question to you. How can you become more visible, get in front of your ideal clients and get them to raise their hands to buy from you?


Here are my top tips to get you started.


1. NICHE. Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients making is not having a niche or ideal client profile.  If you’re trying to market to everybody, then nobody knows who you are or what you do, because you’re not speaking directly to them.

Start thinking about who your ideal clients are.  Great marketing begins here.  Once you know who your ideal clients are you can speak directly to them.

Here’s two great questions to help you start thinking about this.

1. Who most needs what you offer?

2. Who do you most love working with?



2. Get Visible, So Your Ideal Clients Can See You

 Your clients can’t see you if you’re not visible.  What does your brand say about you?  Where do your ideal clients hang out?  Overcome any unconscious visibility issues you may have, like not being good enough, etc. Get out there and meet them.  Find or create a platform that puts you in front of your ideal clients.   Here are a few ways.  Note: You don’t have to do them all.  Make your marketing fun.  Find a few that you love and implement.


  • Speaking
  • Leading Workshops
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Teleseminars
  • Webinars
  • Live Events
  • Networking
  • Writing Articles
  • Publish a Book
  • Radio/TV


3. Connection & Conversion

Connect with your client where they are.  Build rapport. Share your message and solution with them.  Let them know you see them, you understand their problem, find out where they want to go and assuming you have the solution, let them know.


Do you have a clear brand that attracts your ideal clients?

Does your marketing copy speak to your ideal clients?

Does it speak to their pain/issue or need?

Does it speak to their vision and heart’s desire?

Are you providing the solution in the way that they want it?

Can they see the value you provide and results that they can achieve working with you?


4. Get Some Marketing Support

Let’s face it, you’re probably amazing at what you do and there is an art to marketing.  The right marketing will get you better results.

  • Learn some savvy marketing tips
  • Get yourself a coach/mentor who will support you to market yourself authentically


I hope you’ve found these client attraction tips useful, if you’d like more help with discovering your niche, branding, getting visible, attracting your ideal clients, and monetizing your magic, why not apply for a complimentary Client Attraction Discovery Session with me now.  Simply drop me an email, I’ll send you a quick questionnaire and we’ll schedule a time to talk and see how I can help you attract more of your ideal clients.  email me now


Which of these tips are you going to implement now?  Comment below and let me know or feel free to share your own personal favourite client attraction tip with us.

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