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Attention: Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Trainers & Consultants



Are You a Heart Centred, Spiritual Entrepreneur?Would You Like To Attract A Steady Stream Of Your Ideal Soulmate Clients?


Are you feeling frustrated with struggling to attract your ideal clients? Or are you feeling fed up with attracting clients who can’t afford your services?  Are you scared to charge what you know you’re worth because you’re not sure your clients will pay it? Maybe you’re maxed out with 1:1 clients and have reached an income ceiling and you’ve not got time to build your business and income. Are you feeling confused, overwhelmed or exhausted with all you think you have to do in order to market and grow your business and attract your ideal clients?

Would you love the guidance, encouragement and support you need to identify and attract your ideal clients as you get clear on your unique gifts, purpose, and passion, your niche and marketing message and how you can be richly rewarded as you discover your worth and the true value of your contribution in the world and experience the love, the joy, the fulfilment that comes from living a life of purpose, passion and prosperity, doing what you love?  Would you love the benefit of a highly supportive, sacred and fun community of amazing soulful women like yourself  who totally get you and are willing to support you?


Business Mastermind

What if you could;

  • Get Clarity On Your Ideal Client & Attract A Steady Stream of Your Ideal Soulmate Clients Who You Love and Who Love You.  Yes it’s a Match Made in Heaven!
  • Get Clear On Your Magnetic Message
  • Create Your Unique & Irresistible Soulful Brand
  • Master Your Money Mindset and Charge You’re Worth
  • Create A Personalised Aligned Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Transform Your Purpose and Passions Into Prosperity
  • Create The Life & Business of Your Dreams Whilst Doing What You Love, Serving The World



What Would That Be Worth To You?



  • Waking up each day feeling peaceful, knowing that you have a customised marketing strategy and plan to attract your ideal clients and create the impact and income you desire.
  • Looking in your diary and feeling excited to see it filled with your ideal clients who are loving to work with you.
  • Spending more of your time being paid to do what you love with your ideal soulmate clients.
  • Finally understanding what is blocking your success and having a loving intuitive mentor support you and your business
  • Saving months of mindset work by receiving specific group energy clearing and energy downloads from a Master Intuitive Healer
  • Knowing that no matter what comes up for you during this journey, you’re not alone, you have a mentor and a tribe of Soulful Goddess SiSTARS who love you and are behind you every step of the way. Inspiring you, empowering you, loving you, supporting you, cheering you on and encouraging you to live your potential and be all of who you are.


This Programme will transform your life and your business!



Here’s How This 90 Day Programme Works For You

  • 6 Wealthy Business Goddess Training Call MP3’s
  • Monthly Live Group Q & A  Hotseat Coaching & Energy Healing with Kimberley
  • 6 Wealthy Business Goddess Module Workbooks (see topics below)
  • Accountability and Support Via Access to PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP  with Kimberley
  • Templates, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, to save you time, energy and money, simply, tweak, plug and play







Module 1:  Discover Your Soul Niche & Divine Clients

Module 2:  Create Your Unique Heartfelt Message and Soulful Signature System So Your Your Ideal Clients Can See, Hear and Connect With You

Module 3:  Creating Your Unique Signature Talk

Module 4:  Create Your Unique Aligned Heart Based Soul Fuelled Marketing Strategy and Personalised Marketing Plan

Module 5:   Soulful Service & Graceful Sales

Module 6:  Money Mindset



YES! I’m READY – PAY IN FULL Discount £500   Approx $612 (currency fluctuates)

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Is This Right For Me?

Only you can decide, and you have a choice to make here.  You can continue as you’ve been, doing it all yourself, going it alone, OR you can say YES to yourself, your business and your clients, get the strategy and support you need to move your business forward more quickly.
  • Create the right foundations to attract your ideal clients and grow your business.
  • What would a handful of  new ideal clients be worth to you?
  • How far can you go when you have the right foundations to build on and leverage?


YES! I’m READY! – PAY IN FULL Discount £500    Approx $612 

Here’s a little snip from the end of our 7 Day Law of Attraction Challenge when I spoke about this programme.



Will this work for me?
When you fully engage in the course, follow the steps, and implement the strategies consistently and persistenly, then it is highly UNLIKELY that you’ll fail to grow your business and sign clients . Nonetheless, your results are your own responsibility and so much as I’d love to, I cannot offer you any guarantees, since I cannot do the work for you. So, if you know deep in your heart that this programme can help you to gain clarity, and map out your message, your marketing and business strategy and attract more clients, then you’ll commit to saying YES and doing what it takes to get the results you desire. I’m including amazing mindset and energy work in this programme so you’ll have all the love, accountability, strategy and support I can give you to make sure that you implement, you make this work for you and you get results. You have to commit, you have to say YES to you and your dreams.


Will it be worth the investment?
The strategies and processes that I’m going to be sharing with you in this programme are the same strategies and processes that I’ve used in my business and that I’ve been sharing with my private clients, who have been paying between £1500 -£8000 to work with me in my various 1:1 programmes. These strategies have supported myself and my clients to grow our business, doubling, tripling our business income. Not only am I sharing these very same strategies with you, but I’m coaching and supporting you so that you can apply them in YOUR own business.  There’s no limit to what you can achieve with this programme, but I don’t want to promise you the moon and stars, because truthfully your results are down to you.  So, let’s be really conservative and say all you do is add just a handful of clients in the next 12 weeks, and you come away with a clear niche, message and marketing strategy that will continue to support you in attracting more clients, and creating the successful business you desire. I know that you can create and achieve so much more impact and income. What do you think? Is it worth it?  Only you can decide what you’re worth and whether you’re ready now to invest in yourself and your dreams.


I can’t afford it right now, will you be running it again?
While this is an exceptionally low priced offer, I appreciate that, for some of you, investing in your business may simply not be a priority right now. If  it’s truly a priority you’ll find a way to make this happen and I’ve made this easy for you, as I’ve given you an easy payment plan.  If you’re still not able to say YES to yourself and your dreams right now, then truly you definitely need this programme, however if you’re not able to say Yes to yourself and invest in yourself right now feel free to access my Free Wealthy Business Goddess Facebook Group  and blog where you can access all of the free content, tips, resources and advice I share.  In terms of running this particularly programme again, that will depend on a number of factors and I really can’t currently commit either way to running this programme in this particular format at such a low investment.  My suggestion if you’re feeling called to be in this programme is to follow your heart and make the commitment now. Once you decide and take action the entire universe will start opening up and aligning for you.  Your dreams begin when you decide and take action!


I’m not sure I can make all of the live training calls, will this work for me?

Don’t worry I’ve got your back.  All of the live training calls will be recorded and available and MP3 recordings will be sent out, allowing you to listen in your own time, or on the go if needed. You can also post questions in the facebook group and send questions in before the live coaching calls and I’ll answer them on the call. We also have an amazing private members only facebook group and you’ll have access to me and the other group members, so you can get your questions answered and the support you need there also.



Here’s What My Clients Say



Raspreet Sagoo Divine Sacred Soul,  Relationship Coach

Michele Gamble, Yoga Teacher and Coach

Debbie Golec, Womens Leadership Coach


Jenny Lynn


Karie Millspaugh1

Wahoo almost $15,000 in 1 month!

Literally 3 days after my session with Kimberley- on blocks around receiving money and subconscious beliefs surrounding self worth and struggle when it came to money… I received a check in the mail for $1446.00.  The source was clearly unexpected, it was from a past mortgage settlement that I shared with my ex husband from 7 years prior.

I have a job with a corporation in sales… I had a dry spell where I hadn’t made a franchise sale for 9 months.  Prior to that I was consisting selling/closing every other month… After my session with Kimberley, I have closed 3 franchise deals within 6 weeks!  Totaling $13,500 in commission!  9 month dry spell is OVER!

This all happened within a month after my coaching session with her and uncovering some nasty… old belief patterns of low self worth and feeling that money should come to me with grief and lots of struggle.  It’s a relief as I build my own business that I won’t have these same limiting beliefs surrounding prosperity as I plan to go big with my business…or go home!   Thank you Kimberley!

Karie Millspaugh, Abundance Coach


Halfway Through and Already Huge Shifts In The Number of Clients I’m Starting To Attract

I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberley both as a client, and now mentee, for her Client Attraction Magnet Programme.  As I write this testimony, I’m only about half way through this programme and already, I’ve noticed HUGE SHIFTS within me and my business. I’m a lot more confident with myself and with what I’m offering and it’s made a huge shift in the number of clients I’m starting to attract. Kimberley has a beautiful energy, she is so supportive and kind but also straightforward and tells you as it is in the most gentle and loving manner. I’ve definitely felt that Kimberley has gone above and beyond her call of of duty to help me in this programme and it’s clear she is passionate about watching her clients grow and flourish. I’ve seen astonishing results and such clarity and focus in my business already, I cannot wait to see the shifts by the end of the programme.

Ras Sagoo, Divine Sacred Soul 


There are moments in your life when everything can change, but you need to make a decision. This is one of those moments, what will you decide?


YES! I’M READY, I WANT IN – PAY IN FULL Discount £500    Approx $612 

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!


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