Dreamwork  Circle

Are you fascinated by the world of dreams?  Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares? Passionate about understanding your dreams or empowering your clients to understand theirs?

If so, this dreamwork circle, could be perfect for you!

We will be gathering online in sacred space where we will explore and interpret our dreams in sacred circle using the mirroring process.

This class will take place via Zoom.





Dreamwork Practitioner Training


Dreamwork has been practiced in various cultures across the world since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were messages from the gods and used sleep temples to interpret them, while oracles in classical Greece interpreted dreams as prophetic visions. Native American shamans believed that a person’s soul could journey during sleep and view distant places, people, and events.

In modern times, dream work is an established therapeutic technique for exploring unconscious mental processes. Certified dream work training helps individuals to gain insight into their own psyches by understanding and interpreting their dreams.

This Dream Work Training program aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of dream interpretation. With step-by-step guidance, personalized instruction, and hands-on experience with cutting-edge techniques such as Active Dreaming and Conscious Dreaming, you will gain valuable insight into the power of dreaming and how to use it to create positive change in your life.

1) Introduction: Overview of the History of Dream Work

2) Dream Interpretation Basics: Common Symbols & Meanings, Reflection & Analysis

3) Dream Processing: Understanding What Dreams Mean & How to Use Them

4) Techniques for Exploring Dreams: Guided Visualization, Lucid Dreaming, Artwork, Guided Dream Re-entry. etc.

5) Group Discussion and Application Exercises

6) Self-Exploration; Sharing: Utilizing Writing & Artistic Expression to Explore Your Own Dreams

7) Reflection Activities


Using this outline as a guide, certified dream work training courses should focus on teaching participants the basics of dream interpretation and exploring deeper levels of unconscious thought through reflection, analysis and guided visualization. Additionally, it is important that the course provides a safe environment


Dream-Work Training is an exclusive course designed to help psychics, healers, therapists, and hypnotherapists tap into their potential and develop a mastery of their skills. Through this intensive training program, you will learn how to use the power of dreaming to enhance your natural abilities and achieve greater success. With our step-by-step guidance and personalized instruction, you will build confidence in your work and feel empowered to reach your goals. Dream-Work Training provides practical approaches for using dream work as a tool for personal development, healing yourself and others, and creating a successful practice. Join us today on this transformative journey of self discovery!


During the Dream Work Training program, we will explore a range of topics including dream symbolism, understanding archetypes, using dream characters as sources of guidance, connecting with spirit guides through dreams, and the importance of honoring our own unique path. We will also learn about the various elements that make up a dream – such as setting, people, objects, and emotions – and how to interpret them for greater understanding.

At the end of the course, you’ll have gained an appreciation for Native American Dream Work and be able to confidently apply its ancient wisdom in your own life. You’ll discover how to leverage this powerful tool as part of learning how to interpret the symbolic language of dreams and be able to use them to enhance your personal growth. You will also gain insight into archetypal patterns which are often recurring in dreams and learn powerful ways to work with them for healing.


This course is suitable for psychics, healers, therapists, hypnotherapists, or anyone interested in self-exploration through dreaming. We invite you to join us on this transformational journey of self-discovery!


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to work with dreams in a therapeutic setting.
  • Interpret the symbolic language of dreams and use them to enhance your personal growth.
  • Identify archetypal patterns that often recur in dreams.
  • Utilize active dreaming and conscious dreaming techniques for healing.
  • Discover the power of dream work for transforming your life.


This training is crafted to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to be a competent Dream Work practitioner. You will also gain insight into the latest dream work practices and trends, so you can stay at the forefront of this field.

Wanna Play?


Here’s What’s Included;


8-Week 90 minute Dreamwork Practitioner Online Training Calls   (All calls will take place via Zoom & MP3 Recordings will be available)

Dreamwork Practitioner Training Manual

Dreamwork Circle Supervised Facilitation

Supervised Case Studies

Dreamwork Practitioner Certification


Investment: £444

If you’re feeling called to this training, trust your heart and soul guidance. 


Kimberley is such a great practitioner! She knows how to keep space and what to do in all kinds of situations to achieve the best result for the session. As she is continuously connected with you, she feels what is the best course of action to achieve what you asked from the session.

In my session, I connected for the first time on a deeper level with my guides and channeled them. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful and thankful to Kimberley for this experience! ~ Bogdan

Kimberley Lovell is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, Multidimensional Channel, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, High Priestess of the Rose, Spiritual Teacher, and Trainer with over 35 years working with spirit. Her joy is in empowering men and women to connect more deeply with their soul gifts and create a life and business that they love.

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