Hi Sweethearts

What can we learn from the elections?

As Hermes Trimestigus said……

As above, so below, as within, so without

Whilst many are shocked at the process and the outcome of the recent USA Elections I felt to connect with Spirit and this is what I was given.  I’m using the word we rather than you, because I’m including myself in this, as human beings we’re all growing. We have both the light and the dark within us and in this season of Winter here in the UK, the time of The Crone, of going within this is the perfect opportunity for us to reflect.

Instead of pointing the finger at those politicians, we can look in the mirror and see the light that is being shined within ourselves on the collective shadow or misalignment within us individually or collectively.

Where are we lying to ourselves?  Where are we stuck in denial?  Criticising or bullying ourselves or others? Denying ourselves or others? Where are we building walls or bridges? For what reason and for what purpose?

What are our intentions?

Are we living in love or fear?

Where are we slipping into unconscious patterns of fear, denial, self hatred, righteous condemnation.  Where are we not yet fully loving and honouring ourselves or not yet fully loving, honouring and respecting others.

Where are we disowning our power and giving it away?

When will we vote and elect ourself, stand in our full power as the true and powerful leaders that we are, responsible for creating our reality instead of giving away our power and blaming it on something or someone outside of us?

What is it that has us hold back from stepping up and becoming all of who we are, of being the one or one of many who has a great impact, shines our light in the world, inspiring and empowering others to do the same.

We are many, yet we are ONE, so all it takes is ONE person to be the love, the light, to shine through the darkness, which is after all, merely an opportunity for us to awaken to our light within.

What do we as individuals stand for?  Who and what do we love, value and care about?  What actions will we commit to, so that we can create a better world for all?

What do we fear? Why? and more importantly, how are we transforming and mastering our fears and unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions?  How are we remembering ourselves as the powerful conscious beings of love and light that we are?

What are we contributing to the word?

What is our currency?  What do we value? How do we spend our currency, time, energy and money?

What motivates us?  What inspires us?  What is most sacred to us?

How do we fulfil ourselves and others, so that all may receive what they need?

How do we receive others?

How are we received by others?

How can we be more loving, kind, generous to ourselves and others?

How can we bring the gift of our presence more fully into this world?

These are just some of the questions that will guide us to step more powerfully into our personal leadership and mastery and become all of who we truly are.

Remember who you truly are dear ones.


Seeing you as the beautiful being of love and light, the powerful conscious creator that you truly are.


May your life be blessed as you pledge to become all of who you truly are.




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