So I wanted to give you a little update on what’s going on energetically on the planet right now.  As some of you will know, we have been experiencing a lot of solar flares and energy surges resulting in energy imbalances for those of you that are sensitive (if you’re in this community, that’s you!) 


If you’ve been feeling;

  • Tired
  • Depressed
  • Emotionally Up and Down like a roller coaster
  • Sick
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Confused
  • Overwhelmed
  • Irritated
  • Like you’re going backwards
  • Problems sleeping


RELAX, these are symptoms from the recent and ongoing energy surges and here’s how to best manage your energies.


Ground – Spend time in nature, relaxing, trees are particularly grounding and balancing and nature is a great harmoniser. I love to spend time in nature, photographing flowers, trees, horses. Fesh air is wonderful!


Sleep –  Allow your body to guide you, and sleep when you need to, not when you think you should sleep.  Lavender is a great oil to use if you’re wanting to encourage sleep.  Put a few drops on your pillow.


 Water – Drink More! 7-8 Glasses a day is highly beneficial and good for aches, pains in joints, stopping headaches and much more besides. Try it.



 Meditate – Develop your Spiritual Connection. Take time to connect with Spirit and your Higher Self for guidance, direction and support.  You’ll find some great guided meditations here


Support – Get support! The more supported you are, the more success you’ll attract. Coaching/Healing/Bodywork/Mentoring. Your unconscious body/mind is what is attracting your current reality, so heal and clear any limiting beliefs, clear your cellular memory and reprogramme your unconscious mind.



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