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Money Magic Miracles Create Your Greatest Future

January 18 ,January 18 - January 18

Money Magic Miracles 2020 Create Your Greatest Future Possible

20 January 2020  10.00am – 4.00pm    Bournemouth

Hey Magical Beings

Would you like more joy, freedom and ease with money? What if it’s truly possible for you to create the life and business of your dreams, to be, do and have all you desire with ease and joy and glory? Yeah I know, you’ve tried it, right?  It’s just a dream. It’s not happening. It doesn’t work.  You can’t do it. You don’t have the time, the money, it’s too hard. Blah, Blah, Blah. But wait a minute beautiful. What else is possible for you, your life, your business, your money flows, for the planet? What have you decided is impossible that if you would acknowledge that it’s possible, even if you don’t know how, would allow your whole life to come into greater alignment, joy and ease? If you were truly living your greatest life, what would that be like?

What glorious and grand adventure can 2020 be for you?

Are you ready to actualise your greatest future now and create more love, joy, magic and miracles in the world? You know that if you want to do it and have it, you need to BE it,  right? What if now is the time to be all you came here to be?  And if not now, then when? How much fun are you willing to have, being you, changing the world? I’ll be sharing the tools from Access Consciousness.

In the morning we’ll be exploring the art of ease with money, magic, miracles and in the afternoon we’ll be focusing on connecting with your greatest future, becoming your future self, and creating your greatest future. We’ll also be running bars body processes.Energy Pulls and Symphony of Possibilities. Verbal Facilitation Energy Pulls Symphony of Possibility Bars Processes

Imagine a day of magic, connection, inspiration, facilitation, clearing and celebration as you discover more of the brilliance, and magic you truly be. Imagine you being you, being the magnetic magic you truly be,  as you radiate more of your magic in the world.

How much more magic are you now able to receive?

Wands Ready my love, trust me, you’re a Magician Discover, embrace and embody the Magic, the Money, the Miracle and Infinite Possibilities you be.

Wanna Play?  Invest In Your Future Now  £150  Earlybird  (Expires 31/12/2019) then £200

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