I love ceremony and rituals, they’re a great way for us to clear our energy, set our intentions and affect change and create powerful shifts and were often used by the Shamans and Medicine Men.

Of course you can create ceremony and ritual any day of the week or time of the month or time of year for every day is a holy day.

Full moon is traditionally the time release, clear and let go. So what do you need to let go of?

If you like to work with the moon energy follow this simple process.

1. Write down all that you want to release and all that no longer serves you.
2. Sit or Stand under the light of the full Grandmother Moon and let her light bathe you and every cell of your body and being in unconditional love. Send your energy down into Mother Earth, and bring all that nurturing energy up through your body, up through you energy centres, out through the top of your head into a beautiful ball of light, that takes you to the 7th Plane, where you can connect with God, creator of all that is.

3. Burn the list (safely) – releasing the energy back to the Universe.  Thank you Universe for all the lessons, blessings and gifts that this situation has gifted me with I now release this back to the universe, as I forgive myself and forgive others and move forward now.”

4. Say “Thank you, It is done, it is done, it is done. Show me.” Watch, as the universe shows you this situation pulled, transformed, released, resolved, cancelled or sent to God’s light.

5. This is a powerful ceremony, so be aware of any sensations, shifts, insights you experience through the ceremony over the next few days and weeks..

Let me know how you get on with this or what rituals, or ceremonies you use for letting go.

Love & Blessings


Kimberley (Rainbow Weaver)

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