So as I sat with Spirit, reflecting on my deeper purpose and my path, something that I regularly do, I asked them

Spirit What is my message?  What do you want me to share and teach.

 “There are many messages dear one, that you bring to your world, for you are the healer, and for each person there is a different message that is required, that is why we gifted you with your mediumship and ability to channel and tune into that which is required for healing and empowerment of each individual.

You know that you are an emissary of love, an ambassador for peace, to bring heaven to earth and to end suffering.

Your message is one of  love, of hope, of remembering wholeness and spirit, of unity, for these are the qualities needed for world healing and world peace and this is very much a part of your mission.

Everything that you have learnt and shared here in your life, has been based upon these principles.

It is time now once again to speak to the many, to inspire, empower, uplift and transform the hearts and minds of those that are here to support world healing and empowerment.   For many have been standing in the wings and are now required to step into their starring role, as are you.

When you are aligned with your message, your mission and your gifts, you are the light of the world.  As each of you shine a little brighter, you create an amplification of the light grids within and around you and so support mass healing, for these light grids are truly the highways of the universe and support you both personally and collectively in your ascension journey. These are the neuro-pathways if you like, that transmit to the receptors in your brain and in your body, which as you may or may not know are both personal and collective, for all is ONE.

There is a great focus currently around Money and we wish to say to you that money is simply energy, and is an extension of your personal energy.  When you are vibrating at a high frequency and are aligned with your purpose and passion, your heart work, you will live in joy and abundance, for the kingdom of heaven is within you and when you dwell in the heart, you are rich beyond your wildest dreams. When you are aligned with yourself as the magnificent and powerful creator that you truly are, then will you manifest all manner of things to assist you in your mission.

Know that all is unfolding perfectly in divine time, allow yourself to go with the flow, for you have the heavens at your disposal. Your wish is our command.

We are your brothers and sisters in the light and together we are ONE.”

Brother and Sisterhood of Light. Channelled through Kimberley Lovell

© Kimberley Lovell 2012

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