Healing Mind, Body & Spirit with Theta Healing

Are you suffering with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues in your life? 

Did you know that these issues can also impact your physical health and well being causing physical pain, illness and dis-ease?

What if your body’s ability to heal was greater than you’d ever imagined?

Intuitive Anatomy Course

Health and well-being is a continuum, and most of us have experienced or will experience health issues or concerns in our life at some point.


Pain is the Messenger. Your Body Talks But Do You Listen?


Illness, dis-ease and pain often get a bad rap, but what if the illness, pain or dis-ease were simply your souls way to communicate with you and guide you to live a more fulfilling life?


I have 30 years experience working as a medical intuitive healer, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Master Theta Healer and Instructor, I’m skilled at scanning and healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  I see, hear and feel the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and stories held within the physical, mental and emotional bodies using ThetaHealing® bodywhisper with my client’s body and sub conscious mind, helping clients and students worldwide to prevent and to alleviate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual distress that contribute to illness and dis-ease in the body. Intuitive Anatomy is something I love to share and teach both my clients and students, it’s actually our birthright.  Intuitive Anatomy is simply put, our mind, body, spirit connection and once we understand how our mind/body/spirit is working and can communicate with it, we can create greater health, happiness and fulfilment.


Theta Healing is a fabulous tool for transforming and enjoying better health. Intuitive Anatomy is a way to work with the mind, body, spirit link and to create optimum health and wellbeing, by paying attention to and dialoguing and healing the body.


Did you know that your body is very much like the unconscious and as such, holds many, many unconscious beliefs?


Intuitive anatomy is a process for connecting with and communicating with the body, it’s organs and systems.  Many emotions, beliefs and stories are held in the cellular memory within the physical body and these accumulated energetic emotions can create or contribute to dis-ease.

All Illnesses and diseases have their own personalities and beliefs and the beliefs that go with the illness or disease are held in the unconscious mind of the sufferer.


For example, people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and ME  often hold unconscious beliefs such as;

I’m exhausted

I can’t go on

I have to battle every day

I give up

I’m defeated


These beliefs can be held on any of the four levels; Core, History, Genetic or Soul.


They often suffer with taking responsibility for others, they are the givers in life, but they give too much, then feel resentful as their needs aren’t met, they may have difficulty setting healthy boundaries and can be perfectionists. They often don’t know when to stop and rest and so their body will tell them loud and clear!  The good news is that these beliefs and emotions can be rapidly cleared with Theta Healing and the behaviours changed so that they can create greater health and well being.


Emotions are simply energy in motion and are signals that the body is out of balance.  Suppressed emotions take up a lot of energy and space in the body and act like magnets to create or attract more of that energy, emotion or drama. With practice it’s possible to learn how to scan the body and see inside the body and to whisper and dialogue with the heart and see how every part of the body works together in harmony, or disharmony. You’ll be amazed at the thoughts, feelings, stories and beliefs that are held within your body.


These beliefs are held on different levels, some from your childhood, some from your DNA, genes and ancestral lineage and some from past life or collective unconscious.  Epigenetics now verifies quantum physics, proving that we are not at the mercy of our genes, but can and do influence the genes and that we can and do have the ability to turn them on or off.  Theta Healing changes lives by changing thoughts, feelings and beliefs and utilises the power of focused thoughts, prayer and quantum physics by witnessing healing energy created by a universal power, create changes in the body.


Did you know that your body is a miracle and your cells within your body are constantly being renewed or replaced? Your body is a powerful healer and has the wisdom to heal itself by communicating with and working in harmony with the bodies many systems.


The Body Anatomy and Emotions


The following is a list of the body systems and the common emotions and issues that are often connected to these systems.


Pathogens; Viruses, Microbes, Parasites, and Bacteria: Resentment, Guilt, Worthiness, Boundaries, Depression

Bones/Skeletal System: Issues with God/Creator

Endocrine System: Control Issues, Speaking your Truth, Feeling Overwhelmed/Unsupported

Digestive System: Anger, Resentment, Abuse, Safety

Respiratory System: Sorrow, Joy, Breath of Life, Living in the Present Moment

Heart & Circulatory System: Give & Receive Love, Nurturing

Lymphatic System: Conflict, Confrontation

Excretory & Sexual System: Abuse, Abandonment, Being a Man/Woman, Sexuality

Muscles: Battle, Strength, Rest & Relaxation

Nervous System: How You See the World, Communication

The Skin: How the World Sees You, Affection, Expression of Feelings/Emotions

The Eyes: Seeing God’s/Creator’s Truth, Helplessness, Hopelessness

The Brain: What’s Possible/Impossible, Balance, Mental Health

The Ears: Hearing God/Creator’s Truth, Listening, Being Heard, Sacredness.

Liver: Related to anger, frustration and resentments

Heart: old emotional wounds, jealousy,

Lungs: Relate to sadness, sorrow and grief

Kidneys: Related to fear issues,


Is Your Body Holding Pain, Shock and Trauma?


My research has shown me that over 50% of the population are holding pain, shock and trauma in their bodies. This pain, shock, and trauma can manifest in a number of ways as;


  • Stress (one of the major contributors to all illness and dis-ease)
  • Illness and Dis-ease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression


Who’s Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Emotions, Pain Are You Carrying?

We are spiritual beings with a physical body, we are electrical circuits by nature and act like satellite receivers and transmitters, constantly picking up and emitting signals.  We unconsciously pick up the thoughts and feelings and physical pain from others and mistake them as our own!  When we more consciously understand our energetic make up, strength our energetic boundaries and learn to discern the difference between our thoughts and feelings and others, we can create greater energetic integrity and more vibrant health and well being.


Discovering the Origins of Illness/Dis-ease

Illness doesn’t usually develop overnight, so to identify the root cause of illness and dis-ease we explore when the illness/dis-ease first manifested and what was going on in the person’s life, when the illness/dis-ease started and up to 5 years before the illness first started.


Many of the clients that I work with recall painful situations, shocks, trauma, preceding their illness or dis-ease.


Reprogramming the Mind/Body for Health & Well-Being

Another powerful aspect of Theta Healing is the energetic healing and downloading of beliefs and feelings.  Just as we replace our unconscious limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories, using theta healing we also replace heal and resolve negative emotions, and download positive feelings into every cell of your body. We clear cellular memory, we work with the physical anatomy, downloading them with positive healthy programming and witness changes being made in the body.


Tips To Consciously Embrace & Embody Optimum Health & Wellbeing

* Think Positive and Live Your Joy. your habitual thoughts and feelings create your reality, your body is listening to all that you think and say.


Be thankful for the fact that you’re alive and that you have another day to enjoy life to its fullest!


* Remove negative thoughts and feelings from your mind and ask (God, Source, Universe, Angels) for healing.


* Picture yourself as strong, healthy, and vibrant. You can even visualize the cells in your body conquering germs and disease, rebuilding themselves, and busily functioning at peak performance.


As a Medical Intuitive and Theta Healing Instructor I do not diagnose or treat illnesses, though I do work with clients to create greater health and wellbeing.  All clients are advised to consult their GP or health provider regarding any ailments.


Theta Healing Courses

Find out more about Theta Healing Courses, including Intuitive Anatomy here

1:1 Sessions Worldwide Via Phone/Skype

If you’re ready to create greater health and wellbeing and live your dreams, you can book a Theta Healing/Coaching Skype Session online  I look forward to working with you.


Love & Blessings

Kimberley x


Kimberley Lovell is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Master Theta Healer & Instructor, Coach, Trainer and Holistic Business Mentor she works with clients worldwide via phone and skype, helping them to create the life and business of their dreams. Kimberley teaches Theta Healing in Bournemouth, Somerset and on Wealthy Business Goddess Retreats. For further information regarding her work and to access free Theta Healing info please visit her website.  www.KimberleyLovell.com for Information regarding Theta Healing Training please visit www.Theta-Healing-Training.com or call Kimberley on Tel: 01202 579216

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