Whether I’m teaching Theta or Business Mentoring I love that I get to do exactly what I love to do with such amazing people and get the business results I desire.  My business is such fun, that when I’m in my flow, doing what I love, it really doesn’t feel like “work”.

If you’re here then I’m guessing you’d like your version of that too, and like me, you’re keen to know how to get the business results you desire.

I want to share something personal with you.

I was asked an interesting question this morning, by someone who’s helping me with facebook advertising.  They asked me who my competitors were and I struggled to answer that question for a couple of reasons, for one because I don’t like to think of myself as being in competition with others, that’s an old business paradigm and secondly because truly there is no-one else that is me, that is doing what I do!

I’m sharing this with you because I speak with a lot of women and some men, like you, and it’s easy to get caught up in fear and competition and wonder what you have to offer and if you’re good enough.  I did actually catch myself saying I’m not in their league when talking about a 7 figure business mentor.  I’ve still a little work to do on that myself, so I’ll come back to this in my next blog post.  But truthfully, I hear these kind of beliefs all the time from clients and prospects and it fires me up, because I know that they’re needing to upgrade their consciousness and mindset. I’m upgrading mine every day and I’ll never stop.

You see, you my darling, are unique, there is no-one in the world with your divine purpose and mission, no one else in the world with your unique combination of gifts, talents, and experience, no one else in the world that is YOU!

The problem happens when we try to fit in, so let me remind you love, that you were not meant to fit in, you came here to stand out and shine!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your business marketing right now, do you feel invisible?  Are you attracting all the clients and income you want right now? Are you ready to step up, stand out and shine?  What would be possible for you, your vision and your mission, if you had the support that allowed you to follow your heart, live your bliss?  What’s stopping you?

You are amazing, you have all that you need within you to serve the clients that you’re meant to serve, to live your dreams, to create the business and life that you desire.  As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are here to make a difference, to transform the world and NOW is the perfect time for you to do this Goddess.

How much longer will you wait?

Together we can change the world.  You are the missing piece, you are the solution that you seek, but you see it’s you that’s holding you back!  Let me connect you with your future self, with the you that you are becoming, because SHE is unstoppable, she is in flow, she is living her dreams, she is changing the world, she is here right now within you.

The world is waiting for your magic Goddess.

There’s no time to waste.

Let’s not let another moment, go by.

2016 is going to be an amazing year for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, but 2015 is not over yet.

Why wait?

NOW is the time

Let’s get you living your dreams NOW.

If you’re ready to get the marketing, mindset and strategic business support that you need to do what you came here to do, to give birth to your vision and mission, then  drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to connect.  kimberley @ kimberleylovell.co.uk  I look forward to supporting you to get the business results you desire.



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