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Want to know how to make great decisions quickly and easily?

Decision making is one of the most fundamental skills in creating the life and business of your dreams, really it’s the key to happiness and success in all areas of life and business.

You are the creator of your life, and you’re either creating by default through your unconscious or consciously through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, decisions and behaviours.

In order for you to create the life or business of your dreams, you have to choose it!  Simple right?

I mean everything in life is a choice and you’re always choosing, even if you’re not consciously choosing or deciding.

Decision making is a great skill to have in life, and vital in business.  We need to make decisions every day of our life.

The universe likes fast action. When you make a decision, your intention is set and the universe starts working with you.

As an entrepreneur, you need to make decisions daily and it’s good to be able to make quick decisions, else you could take for ever to get anything done and ultimately that means withholding money and success from yourself and you wouldn’t want that would you?

Remember you are always choosing or deciding even when you think you’re not.  No decision, is still a decision, but it’s a decision often based on fear. Don’t allow your fears to keep you from making the right decision. Fear doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong decision, it simply means that you have some fears around it and that’s normal.  Working through your fears and processing them will help you to make quicker decisions.

Often I’m asked by clients who are working in a day job and creating a new entrepreneurial business when they should leave their job or go part time.

Here’s the thing.

No one else can make that decision for you.

What I know is that it’s entirely possible for you to create a new business in your spare time, whilst keeping the job AND the more time and energy you have to commit to your new venture, often the faster it will manifest.

So what to do?

Well I’m clairvoyant and so whilst it’s true I can see the future, and I’m great at helping people make decisions, let me explain this to you.  You have multiple possible futures and when you have unconscious blocks in place, your futures are more limited, when you clear these blocks, your future changes and your horizons broaden.

You have infinite possibility and potential, if you choose and allow it.

Yet so often we are identified in our life by our ego’s unconscious limiting beliefs.

First check in with your higher self, it’s all about choice, so what as an infinite being are you choosing?  You know deep down you can create anything, right? so what would you like to create?

Only you can know the answer to this one, though you might want to clear any limiting beliefs or blocks around what’s possible for you, or any limiting beliefs or blocks you have around making decisions, trusting yourself or following through on your decisions, commitments. If your decisions are around happiness or success, you’ll also want to be mindful of any blocks you have there about being worthy of happiness and/or success.

If it’s not a big fat juicy YES then look a little deeper at what’s going on, it’s either a NO or it’s unconscious blocks, fears, beliefs that need to be cleared in order for you to move forward.

As human beings we always want an answer, but the best answers come from within us. I’m a great believer in questions, as they connect up our conscious and unconscious mind and support us in finding our solutions.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself that will help you in terms of decision making.


What’s your attitude to risk?

Are you scared of this decision or step?

What would happen if you did choose this?

What would happen if you don’t choose this?

What would have to happen for you to know beyond a shadow of doubt that this was the right decision for you to make?

What’s your decision making process?

Where do you feel the decision in your body?

What other thoughts or feelings are there or might there be in the way of you making this decision?

How much money do you need to make to give up your job?

How many clients will that take? at what price point?

There are more business models that you could utilise to add value, to leverage your time and expertise and to create more passive style income streams, so be sure to research these or get support from a coach or a mentor if needed.

Meanwhile if you don’t feel able to leave your current job, clear any frustration that you’re experiencing, any impatience, look to see the blessing in your work, how does it serve you?  You can’t leave something until you’ve learnt what you need to learn from it.  If you do, you’ll just attract another similar situation or experience to teach you the lesson.  So if something is persisting in your life or keeps occurring, look to see what you’re supposed to be learning from it.

Does the situation remind you of your childhood or an earlier experience in life?  It doesn’t have to be exactly the same situation, but it may be the same emotions that are brought up in you.  In which case this is your soul calling you to heal those wounds.  Once you do the work, you’ll be able to move on and stop attracting that scenario.  Always look for the lesson, blessing or gift and you will find it.

I hope that helps you to make speedier and more conscious decisions so that you can move forward with more grace and ease to create the life and business of your dreams.

I’d love to know what insight or aha you’re taking away and implementing from this blog post.  Have questions? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll answer every question personally.

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