Hello Sweet Hearts,


Let me ask you a question or two.   Are you loving your business right now?  Enjoying your marketing?  If you’re like many of the women I work with things could be better.


So often I hear “I’m not sure about my pricing”  “How much marketing do I have to do” and “Do I really need to do Twitter?”


If you’re looking to stand out in the market place, it’s important to have a great brand that your ideal clients instantly get.  My clients for example know that I’m heart centred, spiritual entrepreneur.  They know that I work with energy and angels, how?  Because I’m often blogging or posting or doing videos on those topics.  I weave my business, spirituality, money, consciousness, healing with a sprinkling of fun and humour.


You’ll see that I’m often speaking on How To Manifest Your Dreams, Law of Attraction and Theta


I’ve created signature talks and signature programmes where I can share my expertise, knowledge and skills and I’m known for that and I’m not shy in broadcasting it.


So here’s a quick video I shot recently on a fun day.  It took just 5 minutes to share this.  I love to shoot my marketing videos on location when I get the chance.  (Have you seen my New Forest Ponies videos yet?)



The weather was lovely and I felt like the location suited the marketing message.


Sometimes it pays to take time off and out of your business.  Often that’s where the biggest inspiration and ideas come from and I find that whenever I do this, I reap the rewards.  Yesterday was no exception.  I shot this video, got home to find that I had attracted two new clients.  One for my Sacred Money Archetypes programme and one for Theta Coaching/Training.  Not bad for a days fun eh!


I’d love to know your thoughts and how this strategy works for you so let me know in the comments below and if you want help with your marketing, simply drop me an email.  I’d love to help you.


Love & Blessings


Kimberley x

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