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Have you ever visited a website and fallen in love with the writer and her message?

Have you ever felt as though that person were talking to you directly, that she knew what was in your head?

Have you ever felt inspired by what you were reading?

Have you ever completed an exercise, or taken action after you read someone’s blog post?

Have you ever had one of those pivotal aha moments, where your perspective was changed?

Have you ever resonated so strongly with what you were reading that you found yourself wondering what it could be like to work with this person?


What Is Magnetic Hypnotic Content?

Magnetic or hypnotic copy and content is perhaps the most important part of monetizing your magic, attracting your ideal clients and making money online. This is because your content can make or break your business. The more magnetic it is, the more people you will reach, the more impact you will have, and the more money you will make, because you see it’s all related.

When you give value to your readers they’re drawn to you.  When your ideal clients love what they hear or see, they want more; more of you and more of your content.

So the key to magnetic copy is writing from your heart, for when you reach out to others from the energy of love, what they feel as they read your copy is the love.  You see everything is energy and it’s the energy behind the words, as well as the words themselves that are transmitted in your copy.

So How Do I Write Compelling Content?

One of the easiest ways to write compelling content is to identify your ideal clients.  When you know and love your ideal clients, you’ll know their personality, their hearts dreams and desires, their strengths, their challenges, their struggle, you’ll know exactly what they want and need to make their dreams come true.  Marketing is simply the way for you to reach out and connect with your ideal clients, the people you love. What is the message that you want to share? What do you want to inspire your clients or readers to do? Now imagine talking to your ideal client, from your heart, sharing your journey, letting them know that you care about them, that you see them, you hear them and you’re there for them.  Connect with them, hold them in your heart, love them, inspire them, empower and support them, let yourself be the answer to their prayers and your love will be returned to you.

The Questions & Answers You Need To Embrace To Attract Ideal Clients

  • Do I belong here?  (Tell them who they are)
  • Are you right for me? (Tell them who you are)
  • Do you understand me? (Tell them what their gifts/challenges/solutions are)
  • Have you got something that can help me? (Here’s where you share your offer, the specific solution or answer to their prayers)
  • What’s in it for me?(Tell them what they’ll gain. Include testimonials from past clients)

Want Help Monetizing Your Magic, Getting Your Gifts Out There & Attracting More Clients?

I know it’s not always easy to market yourself. You’ve a big heart, amazing gifts and talents and you struggle with your marketing, you wish someone else would do it for you, because you’d rather be working with your clients.  You struggle to see and own your value, you have this deep desire to help more people and to change the world, yet you’re not sure how to package your gifts or services and create an irresistible offer, so that you can make the difference you came here to make and do the work that you love to do.

Let me help you.

I’ve been where you are, it’s hard to do it all on your own.  As a Hypnotherapist one of my gifts and talents is in sharing, inspiring and empowering others through words, turns out this is a fabulous gift in marketing and I love to share this with my private business mentoring clients.  Now I had some business skills, but I certainly didn’t have all the business and marketing skills that I needed, that’s why I invested in a mentor and never looked back.   I got the support that I needed, to truly learn to love my marketing, and reach out to my ideal clients, people like you who are wanting to make a difference in the world.

I took my business from a local business to a truly global business, I now speak and work with clients worldwide and have over 100 countries now represented in my community.  I’ve created a range of amazing programmes, products and services that help people like you to manifest your dreams and I’d love to help you do the same.

Drop me an email right now and let’s schedule a time to connect and get you attracting and serving more clients.

Inspired? Empowered?  Take Action!

Please share your spontaneous response to this blog post by leaving a comment.  Has this article inspired you?  What action are you now going to take?




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