I’m a great lover of mind mapping both for business and my personal projects, dreams.  I’m not into the arty hand drawn stuff, but I do love colours.  This is a great way to see at a glance both the overview big picture and the finer details and as you can see a great way to share information without words.  Check out my mindmap above and you’ll find info and resources for outsourcing.  Until now I’ve been using which is great and I realised that I’ve been keeping that a secret, so today I’m sharing not one but two great mind mapping software with you.

Just recently I’ve discovered a new mind mapping software.  This lesser-known mind-mapping software is not only easy to use but creates beautiful colourful maps and also offers the ability to track who made changes to a project.

So Yes, you can share it with your team so you can all brainstorm together—perfect if your business deals with projects, and you have more team members than just a VA. It’s great for visual thinkers because you can really customize colour options too.


Free: Sign up through Google.       Coggle

I’d love to know what you think about it or if you have any other creative tools you use for project management feel free to comment and share with us all.



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