Wealthy Business Goddess Podcast Anna Grace Taylor
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Where Dreams Come True

Would you like to experience more love, ease, joy, magic, fun and miracles in your life and business? In this weeks episode I’m sharing my insights into conscious business creation.  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, dis-heartened, challenged, stuck in your business, if you’ve found yourself procrastinating or beating yourself up, Do you sometimes feel like your business is running you, rather than you’re running your business? Overwhelmed, stuck in indecision, dis-illusioned, dis-heartened?  Do you find yourself procrastinating, overthinking how to market your business, attract clients, create the impact and income you desire? What if there was a different way of being in business?  In this weeks episode is an invitation to align with the heart and soul of your business and re-discover the magic and joy, purpose, passion and prosperity. How much are you willing to receive?

In this Show you’ll Learn;

  • How To Align Your Business With Your Souls Vision & Deepest Values
  • Why You Don’t Need to Figure Everything Out and What To Do Instead
  • What is Business Energetics
  • How Self Love, Compassion, Nurturing and Self Care Can Grow Your Business
  • How To Create From Infinite Space and Infinite Possibility


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Meet Your Host

Kimberley Lovell is an International Medium, Master Intuitive Theta Healer Instructor, Access Consciousness and Bars Practitioner, Transformational Business Coach and Mentor, Founder of Soulutions, The Wealthy Business Goddess University, she empowers women worldwide to step more purposefully into their Divine Feminine Leadership, to create the life and business of their dreams whilst doing what they love, transforming the world and making fabulous money. With a background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy Kimberley has spent over 30 years now inspiring and empowering 1000’s of clients worldwide to rapidly shift their unconscious blocks so they can live in joy as they create the life and business of their dreams.

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