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My name is Kimberley Lovell, I’m the leading Women’s  Spiritual Intuitive Healer, Energy Alchemist, Coach,  and Holistic Business Mentor and I work with women, and men, like you, with a big heart and a big vision, who are looking to create quantum leaps in their life, and create their dream life, dream business.


I began my spiritual path when I was just 20, following a tragic suicide in my family, I embarked on my spiritual journey and very soon realised that I was a Medium, Spiritual Intuitive and Healer.  I have spent 30 years now, living my Soul’s purpose and passion, as a Medium, Master Theta Healer, Channel, Transformational Coach, Teacher and Intuitive Business Mentor, teaching others to heal and transform their lives and live their dreams.  My soul has taken me all over the world, on this wonderful inspiring journey. I have been blessed to work with people from all walks of life, from addicts, prisoners, business professionals, doctors to millionaires inspiring them to connect with their spirit, transform their life, their business and live their dreams.


As a qualified and experienced psychotherapist I have a wealth of healing tools at my disposal including; Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Shamanic Practice, Spiritual Law of Attraction Coaching, Theta Healing and Energy Psychology and so draw upon these as required alongside my Spiritual Council which consist of  my much loved Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters.


I’m a Certificate of Science Master Theta Healer  As an Intuitive Healer & Medical  I help people to heal all kinds of issues in their lives; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical illness.


We are simply the messengers, once we get the message we can heal and transform our health. As an intuitive healer, I see, hear, feel and communicate with your higher self, with God, with your body, your unconscious mind, your business, (yes your business has an energy) to identify and transform the beliefs, and energies that are held within your consciousness to return you to radiant health, love,  joy, happiness, purpose and success. . I teach you how to clear your unconscious blocks to the love and abundance of riches that the universe wants to gift you with; Money, Health, Loving Relationships, Flourishing Business.  You see the universe has your best interests at heart and will give you what you ask for, but you need to able to ask, receive and believe.  When you clear your blocks, you are able to live and love more fully and receive all of your divine inheritance.


I worked for many years in Social Care, Education and Criminal Justice, working with a wide variety of clients and issues. I loved my work, but was often frustrated and restricted by the organisations, and systems within which I worked, so I quit.  I knew my purpose was to help people transform their lives and I developed a private practice psychotherapy and coaching practice and Holistic Training School, teaching Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and Healing Modalities.  Like most therapists, I struggled initially to attract all the clients I wanted and spent many years underearning in my business, before developing the business models and strategies that supported me in creating a thriving and prosperous business. I transformed my offline business to more of an online business model, as result of this my business went global.  I have clients from over 34 countries in my community. I work with and teach clients worldwide via phone and skype and offer my training worldwide.  I’m grateful that I invested in myself and my business and am blessed to be reaping the rewards and I want the same for you.


As a Holistic Business Mentor, I have studied and trained in Business, Niche, Branding, Client Attraction, Wealth Creation, Sales & Marketing, so I’m able to bring you the best of both worlds and help you bridge the gap between spirituality, money and business, transform your purpose and passions into profits and create the life and business of your dreams.  If you’re ready to move from stress, overwhelm, confusion, struggle or lack, I’ll show you how to shift to peace, clarity, joy and abundance.


I  would be honoured to support you in discovering and aligning with your Soul Purpose,  embracing your unique passions, gifts, experiences and skills, overcome your life challenges and receive your unique gifts and treasures when you create a rich and fulfilling life.   I work with clients worldwide through skype and through my various coaching and business mentoring programmes.


Imagine now, just for a moment, waking up, feeling happy, inspired, passionate as you embark on another fun day, fulfilling  soul purpose.  Your Higher Self is guiding you and nudging you through your heart and intuition to  your dreams, and live a life you love. Are you ready now to connect with your Higher Self, and tap into the abundance of treasures that the universe wants you to receive?


Whether you know it or not, you are here for a purpose and I’d love to help you, discover your Purpose, Passion, Spirit & Destiny. I have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience gleaned over almost 30 years working with Spirit and I would love to share this with you, so that you can start feeling more love, more passion, more joy, more abundance and more fulfilled, so please pop in your email address and sign up now for my FREE Holistic Business Alchemy Newsletter, full of articles, tips, videos and special offers and I promise to share with you, my energy secrets, my knowledge, skills, experience, strategies and resources to help you overcome your challenges and blocks that have been holding you back so you can live the life of your dreams.


If you’re ready now to bring about the change you desire, manifest and live your dreams, email me now and find out more about how working with me can give you Wings For Your Dreams.  


In the meanwhile, I would love to connect with you – won’t you stop by my Facebook Page and Community and say “Hi”


To your Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity

Transforming Your Purpose & Passions Into Gold & Living The Life of Your Dreams!

PS: GIVING BACK. As a heart centred Business owner, I’m dedicated to supporting wonderful charitable projects and am supporting and pledging a percentage of profits to Smile Train a wonderful charity and provides a valuable service working with children worldwide suffering from hare lips and cleft palates.  SmileTrain teach doctors how to perform simple yet transformational surgery. So when you purchase and programmes from us, you too are contributing to a worthy cause and creating world transformation.  I also support and contribute to TreeSisters, a fabulous charity involved with and empowering women and Kiva who support entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries with micro-loans.

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