In a time when there is much political unrest it’s easy to look to the world leaders and point the finger of blame, yet we are in a position to change this, for we are not powerless victims, we are all leaders of our lives, individually and collectively creating our reality. The following is a chanelling I received some time ago now and speaks of personal leadership and as Gandhi invited us to be the change that we want to see.  I hope it speaks to your heart for no matter who you think you are, you are more than your thoughts, your feelings, your position in life. You can and do make a difference and you were born to shine your light, step into your power and make the difference that only you can make by being whole-heartedly you.


Forget politics and ego, awakened hearts is what your world is crying out for right now. Share on X


“You dear ones, are the leaders, right here, right now, you are personally and collectively leading your countries, leading the world, creating your everyday reality.  It is time for you to step into your power, move into your heart, and awaken to your leadership.  You are the ones.    Forget politics and ego, awakened hearts is what your world is crying out for right now.  When you awaken your heart, you connect with the unity of life, with the worldwide web, for this word wide web is but a reflection for the unity and oneness, the connection that you share with all of your relations and of the collective consciousness at this time.

Honour yourselves as the leaders and beings of light that you are. As you remember your wholeness, you heal all separation, heal all fears, all pain, for there is only love, in a unified field.  Heaven is happening now, it is not some place far away to be reached when you cross the border.  Who you are now is who you take with you when you depart this earth. You are eternal spirit.  Wake up to the truth, to the love, to the power that you are.  Stand in your power dear ones, speak your truth, take inspired action, live your dreams, live your purpose, because each and everyone of you is required to step up and lead the way.

You are the politicians, let go of your blame and judgment, take responsibility, take action, speak up, assume command, radiate your love, radiate your light, shine now, for you are the greatest manifestors and creators of all time and when you put your heart, and your mind, body and spirit to it, you can create miracles.  Dream the dreams for they are gifts from spirit, a vision, a remembering from that place far away that you call home and home dear ones is here where the heart is in joy. Enjoy life, enjoy nature, enjoy each other for this world is your playground and you are each of you magnificent beings, all of god’s creatures great and small, filled with the love of spirit.  You are ONE.

We love you, as we love ourselves, for we too are ONE.”


Brotherhood of Light Channelled through Kimberley Lovell 2012.  All rights reserved.

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