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Want to Lose Weight, Gain Weight or Simply Be More Comfortable with Your Body

Are You Ready to Fall Truly, Madly and Deeply in Love With Yourself ,Your Body & Your Life?

To Lose Weight, Eliminate Cravings & Find True Rhythm & Balance in your Life?

To Connect With Your Inner God/Goddess?


Would you like to; 

  • lose weight?
  • gain weight?
  • feel comfortable in your own skin?
  • feel happy with your body?
  • have great self esteem, confidence and self worth?
  • feel beautiful?
  • have a healthy loving relationship with your body, and with food?

This article is for anyone who wants to learn how to love themselves and their body more fully. For those who would like to transform their relationship with their body image, transform their relationship with food and with all of life as they learn to embody their beautiful self. The slimming industry is worth trillions of pounds, but if dieting worked we’d all be skinny minis. In fact more and more people are struggling right now with their bodies, with food and with their weight. I can’t share everything I know around this subject in this article but I want to invite you to dive a little deeper with me.


Did You Know?

You have a body, you have thoughts, you have feelings, but you are more than your body, more than your thoughts and more than your feelings.  You my darling are an amazing being of love and light.  You are pure infinite consciousness, in physical form and you are perfect exactly as you are!

Now I know that some of you have resistance as you read that last sentence. Because you don’t see the beautiful soul that you truly are and it’s not your fault because you’ve been blinded by the conditioning and the programming and the all of the unconscious lies, judgements, opinions, points of views that you’re heard and learnt, and taken into your body as truth.

So let’s get a little perspective on this.

Our society promotes healthy toned body images and anything less than that is often seen as a sign of weakness, laziness, greed. We are constantly judging ourselves, our bodies and the bodies of others, comparing ourselves to industry standards which are not reality.  Many of the images that are portrayed as beautiful are manufactured, airbrushed images.  The result.  Many women and men, hold guilt and shame around their bodies. They have a negative body image, low self worth and self esteem, lack confidence in themselves, in relationships, in life and in business.  Because they’re unable to see themselves as the beautiful being that they truly are.

Weight is a complex issue, it’s not as simple as saying you are what you eat it’s more true you are what you think! Your unconscious mind has a personal body image and holds many unconscious negative thoughts, feelings, memories and labels on different levels (Core, Soul, History, Ancestral) that in turn determine your thoughts, feelings about yourself, your body, and your behaviours and relationship with food.

As a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach and as someone who’s struggled with my weight for many years and worked with many women and men over the years around their self esteem, self worth, weight, food and body issues such as anorexia, obesity, self harm.  It’s not just overweight people who have issues with their bodies.  Many slim healthy people have issues around their weight and their body. Weight issues are complex with many roots.

Weight issues of all kinds are often connected with stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, abuse, depression.  We have a relationship with everything in life, often when working on weight issues, we end up looking at the sensitivity of the individual and their ability to receive love. Empathic people are often carrying other peoples thoughts, emotions and other peoples weight. So we clear thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories. These thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories are held within our consciousness on different levels.  The core level which is from experience and conditioning in this lifetime, the history level, relating to past lives and deep collective unconscious, the soul level, our souls journey and the genetic level, our ancestors, through the gene pool and morphogenetic field.  Yes It’s true it may not be your weight or your food issues that you’re dealing with!

Our emotions are very linked to our relationship with food. We eat when we are happy, food is often used as a ritual to celebrate with loved ones. We also eat when we are sad, angry, anxious, bored, lonely, guilty, frustrated, ashamed and then often we compound these issues by feeling sad, bad, mad or something else with ourselves for eating and thus continues the cycle.

Using Theta Healing, I’ve worked with many clients who have lost children (miscarriages, terminations, abortions) and their body has retained weight as they were energetically still carrying the lost child. I’ve worked with clients who had not acknowledged their inner child and were carrying childhood wounding and trauma. The inner child craving the sweetness of life, or associating the sweetness with love.

Others who put weight on following a bereavement or break up of a relationship.

Anorexia, Anorexia Nervosa

For others they may control their eating by binging or purging or a combination of both. Their relationship with food is an unconscious way to feel in control.

Our relationship with food also stems from childhood. Were you breast fed, bottle fed, fed on demand, fed by schedule?  All of these can impact our relationship with food.

 * Check out this list of unconscious beliefs relating to weight and/or body issues.  Of course there are thousands of beliefs that relate to weight, food, body image, self worth, self esteem I can’t possibly list them all  here. But check out this introductory list and you’ll probably find several beliefs you have running. Note you may need to dig on these beliefs to find the root cause before clearing it. You can use your body as a pendulum. Stand feet hip width apart. Ask your body to swing forward for yes and backwards for no. Make sure you are muscle testing correctly by saying my name is (your name).  Now test the following beliefs;

It’s safe for me to lose weight

I’m fat

I’m too thin

I hate my body

I love my body

I’m lazy

I lack willpower

I’m greedy

My body is holding shame

My body is holding guilt

My body is holding pain, shock and trauma relating to weight

My body is holding pain, shock and trauma relating to being slim

I take after my mother/fathers side of the family

I have heavy bones

All of my family are overweight

It’s safe to be slim no

Food is my friend no

I’m rejected

I’m angry/sad/bored/anxious/depressed/stressed

I’m starving

I’m in a famine

There’s never enough

I have to go without

I’m beaten

I’m killing myself

I’m safe no

I’m overwhelmed

It’s safe for me to be slim

It’s safe for me to be healthy

I know what it feels like to be slim

I know what it feels like to be healthy

I know how to be slim

I know how to be healthy

I know how to eat the right foods for me

I know how to trust my body’s intuition

I know how to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins from my food

I have to fit in

Sugar/Chocolate is love (substitute your favourite food here)


Discover Your Bodies Natural Rhythm

Through theta healing and coaching you can learn to identify and transform the unconscious beliefs and feelings that you are holding in your mind/body. Change your beliefs while learning a new exciting way to lose weight and tap into your inner peace. This isn’t just about weight loss! It is finding a real rhythm for your mind, body and spirit, while tapping into your inner beauty and love for your self through your own dreams and desires!  My Body Love Coaching teaches Vianna’s Theta Healing secrets to weight loss and will transform how you feel about yourself, your body and your life.

It isn’t about who is the skinniest or most beautiful! It’s about being comfortable in your own body and finding inner peace and happiness through accepting who you are and embracing Gods will for you!

Theta Healing Rhythm was soo powerful! I have noticed a big shift with my confidence. I no longer feel ashamed of my body or the clothes that I wear. I feel like I have a sparkle in my heart, a couple of my friends have noticed a dramatic change to the energy around me. I’ve also worked on one of my friends with her weight issues. Thanks so much for the course, it’s been so valuable and I highly recommend it to others. Jackie Hall, Swindon

Remember you are an amazing beautiful soul and people, like all good things, come in all shapes and sizes!  If this is an area where you’re currently challenged do check out the Theta Healing Rhythm Course running 16/17 January 2016 or book a Theta Healing Session.


HELP IS AT HAND with Theta Healing

If you like what you’ve read and would like support in dealing with any of the issues raised in this article or are a healer, therapist, coach who would like to find out more about adding Theta Healing to your therapists toolkit, please check out the resource box below and grab some free goodies!

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