Step #1: Think about what you truly desire. And then commit yourself to receiving that thing that you want most. It could be attracting your soulmate, discovering your soul purpose, creating abundance, becoming healthier, travelling, building your business.


Step #2: Open yourself to receiving the outcome—to attracting your ideal partner, to making a new friend, or to mending a broken friendship, uplevelling your life and/or business. As strange as it may seem, we are often our biggest enemy when it comes to receiving the things we believe we want most. When they are finally in reach, we fear that we might not truly want them, so we subconsciously push them away and sabotage in some way.  It’s important to explore, identify and transform your unconscious limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs and the quickest way that I’ve found to do this is through using Theta Healing.


Step #3: Manifest in Theta Brainwave where you’re connected to everything that is as well as with your unconscious mind. Visualize and feel how you will receive that outcome on a daily basis. Here, this might mean imagining your soulmate, who he or she will be, what qualities they will have, where they live, what type of work they do, and what type of background they will have. Don’t get too caught up in the specifics, by all means state your preferences and essentials but allow the universe to delight you!  Imagine all the things that you will enjoy doing together, how you feel with this person, are they patient? romantic? do you share interests?


Step #4 Receive inspiration and intuition and take inspired action.   Often we are prompted to go somewhere different or to accept an invitation to a group event. Follow your intuition.  Keep faith that the universe is supporting you in manifesting your visions, dreams and desires.  Remember to appreciate and find joy in every day of your life. Remain positive and your dreams will come true.


Step #5 Remember to do your happy dance and celebrate your manifestations by sharing your good fortune with others. Celebration is a way to show your gratitude to the universe for blessing you with your desires.  Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can have and will tell the universe to send you more to be grateful for.


If you’d like support in manifesting your hearts dreams and desires, check out my Manifesting Abundance 30 Days To Shine Programme that takes you through all of these steps, teaching you how to manifest using The One Command and Theta, clear your unconscious blocks with Theta and release common fears that may be keeping you from manifesting your dreams.

Let me know your challenges or questions around manifesting in the comments section below. I promise to answer as many as I can.

Happy Manifesting!


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