The first step to
Manifesting your desires
Is to become crystal clear
About just what it is
You wish to
Experience as you focus
on your dream
Or desire

Allowing yourself to
See, hear and feel
All that is joyful,
and fulfilling
As You are
in this moment
And attracting
more of that
which you desire

The trick dear ones
Is in the being
Not the doing
For in the being
You are
Already experiencing
All that you desire
Whilst in the doing
Often you are
Doing nothing
More than


Let go of the effort
Dear one
Centre yourself
In your heart
Allow yourself
To simply
Open to receive
All that you desire
And as you let go,
let god
Shower upon you
The many blessings
For you are indeed
A child of the universe
loved and cherished
at all times in all ways

and as you allow
this truth
to settle into your body
into the cells of your being
diving deep into your soul
allowing yourself
to do
only that which is
in joy,
so all that you experience
is indeed


Kimberley Lovell © 2012

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