I’m blessed to be teaching a Manifesting Abundance course in Somerset right now and it’s wonderful to be able to witness the amazing transformations that are taking place as people get in touch with their true desires for life and for their business and to identify and transform their blocks to happiness and success.

You see I believe that each of us are born with a soul purpose and that in order to be happy and fulfilled we need to do what we love and share our gifts with the world.

So as it’s Chinese New Year, and Aquarius New Moon, it’s the perfect time for manifesting and we’re in the RedFire Monkey I thought we’d look to Monkey to inspire us.

Monkey teaches us to have fun in life. For Monkey the world is a playground. They swing through the trees from branch to branch, without fear, for they have learnt how to be flexible, and how to fly through the air. They know when to reach out, and hold on, and when to let go. Monkey trusts that the trees will support him. Monkey is at home in his adventure playground for has learnt how to live in harmony with his environment. Monkey is confident and all about action and initiative. The heart is the organ of the fire monkey. Money loves adventure and teaches us to take risks and leap of faith by following our heart, our passion and desires, for the heart loves what it loves. Monkey teaches us to allow love to flow through everything that we do. Monkey loves to be the centre of attention and challenges our visibility issues. Where do you need to be more visible and what stops you? It’s your time to shine and have fun.

If you’re ready to manifest your dream life, dream business do check out my New Moon Theta Healing Manifesting Ceremony here on the blog.

If you’d like my help clearing your blocks and aligning with and consciously creating your divine destiny, drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to connect.

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