Business Alchemy Platinum Programme (6-12 Months)


Is your soul calling you to step more fully into your Sovereignty,  and be who you came here to be?

To create The Life & Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?

To uplevel your impact and income?

It’s time to Reclaim your Sovereignty, align with your power, purpose and presence as your step more fully into your leadership and create your legacy of love, the impact and income you desire.

This exclusive and powerful Wealthy Business Goddess Mentoring Programme, is alchemical in nature and offered as a 6 or 12 month transformational journey that weaves together a rich tapestry of Soul, Personal and Business Empowerment including; Soul, Money, Niche, Client Attraction, Sales & Marketing, Business Models & Strategy, Mindset & Energetics to help you create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams. 

This is not a cookie cutter strategy, rather a deep dive into your Soul aligned vision and your Soul’s calling. You’re looking for a magical and intuitive business coach to support you in choosing beyond your limitations and stepping into your future self.

What Magic Is Possible For You, Your Life, Your Business? 

This Programme is offered as a Six Month Private Platinum or 12 Month Private Diamond Programme and can include;


Business Strategy (Business Modules, checklists, Worksheets, Programmes)


Success Mindset & Energetics


Tapping into Intuitive Guidance/Soul Channelling 


Bodywork/Energy Work aligning your body and being with the future you’re creating 



Here’s What You’ll Receive & How The Magic Will Unfold 


SWEET HEART WELCOME PACK: To enable us to dive deep into your heart and soul and get a clear understanding of your life and business dreams including your background, beliefs and goals so that we can zoom in on those all-important areas as soon as we begin coaching together. 

WEALTHY BUSINESS GODDESS BREAKTHROUGH VIP  DAY:  A 7-hour Business Alchemy VIP Day (Live in Bournemouth UK or Virtual on Zoom) with Kimberley Lovell, tailored to your specific needs, and designed to create quantum leaps in your business income.      Your live VIP Day takes place at a wonderful hotel and location at Sandbanks, Millionaires Row in Bournemouth and usually runs                  9.30- 4.30,    in a beautiful hotel in a wonderful location at Sandbanks on Millionaire Row, and includes a fabulous 2 or 3-course lunch*,                          teas/coffees, drinks throughout the day. * Special Dietary Needs catered for. 

MONTHLY COACHING CALLS: 6 or 12 1 Hour Monthly 1-on-1 Personalised Teaching/Coaching Calls with Kimberley   (calls can be split into 30-minute laser calls if you prefer) 

MONTHLY BUSINESS TRAINING MODULES, ACTION GUIDES, TEMPLATES & WORKSHEETS: Supporting  Business Income Accelerator System & Materials: scripts, templates, checklists, cheat sheets and resources. (worth their weight in Gold!) 

  HOME PLAY ASSIGNMENTS: Including fill-in-the-blank checklists, questionnaires and exercises. This is so much fun! 




Spaces are very limited for this as I only work with a few at a time to ensure I give you my full love, energy and attention!

Ask your body or your higher self, What will my contribution create for you, your life, your body, your business, your money flows? 

Wanna play? 

Let’s hop on a call to see if our souls are aligned for beautiful breakthroughs and to support you in creating the life and business that your heart and soul desire!




Click HERE To Book Your Discovery Call  

NB: This call is for you, if you’re ready now to take immediate action towards your business goals



Business Alchemy Programme is right for you if..

You’re an ambitious purpose-driven, Visionary, a Healer, a Leader. You know that you’re here to change the world.

You know that more is possible and you’re ready to create and receive it

You are ready to invest time, energy and money in yourself to create the future you know is possible.

You are ready to break through your limiting beliefs live a life without limits.

You’re ready to align with your hearts true desires and live your fullest potential, creating the impact and income you desire

You’d love more ease and joy, flow and grace in your creations

You know that everything is energy and you’re ready to shift your energy so you can be, do, have it all now

 You are 100% committed to take full responsibility for all areas of your life

You are very coachable and ready to take the inspired action that will come to you when you do the work and go within


Investment: POA as Bespoke Programmes

ROI: Whilst I can’t guarantee what results you get, many of my clients double, triple, quadruple their income, save time, energy, and create greater ease and flow, improve health, relationships, supercharge their creations and manifestations, and more.

Here’s What My Clients Have Said About Working With Me


“Just 2 days after my VIP Day with Kimberley,  I sold my very first 3k VIP Day to existing clients who I had been charging £150 per hour. We reviewed my current business models and Kimberley suggested some alternative business models. I’ve now streamlined my business model, services and offers, and am now working less time and making more money than I’ve ever done. I received an invite to speak at at international conference. I can’t recommend Kimberley highly enough, working with her has quite simply transformed my business.”

Jenny Lynn, Psychotherapist

“Kimberley has introduced me to new business models and given me the encouragement and the inspiration to create higher value coaching program and start charging what I’m worth.  As a result of working directly with Kim, I have adopted the new business models, so that I am no longer trapped trading time for money and have created programmes that will increase my income by 400%!.  Crazy though it seems, I know I am providing greater value to my clients and am confident that they will snap up these programmes.  I now have a 3, 6 and 12-month vision mapped out for my business and with new business models that will support me in taking my business mobile, wherever I am in the world.  I’m excited to be launching my new programmes!”

Jessica Rose

Holistic Voice Lessons

“Kim is a delight to work with, she soon got to work on sorting out the mess in my head.  After starting off with HUGE problems about accepting money, I actually increased my prices by 30% the next day.  I felt confident doing this and that must have come across as the new client just accepted the price and wrote the cheque!  Since that appointment, I haven’t had any more issues with self-worth and charging and in fact am confident to launch my first VIP Day “

Kate Cave, Life Coach

I’m Kimberley Lovell Intuitive Business Coach and Mentor. My vision and mission is to empower ambitious, purpose-driven women like you, to be richly rewarded, whilst doing what you love as you share your soul’s genius, working with dream clients and create the life and business of your dreams. 

I spent years working in the voluntary and public sector working with amazing clients, but felt trapped within the system unable to unleash my true gifts and share my true genius. I created an amazing business that affords me the opportunity to work on my terms, doing what I love and do best with amazing women like yourself.  I’ve never looked back. 

I’ve over 30 years experience as a transformational coach/mentor and Trainer, having trained in depth in the field of personal and spiritual development and combine Law of Attraction, Energy Psychology, Coaching, NLP & Hypnosis, Quantum Healing, together with my spiritual intuitive gifts and Holistic Business Insight to support you as you discover how YOU CAN, create the life and business of your dreams.


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