VIP Day – Your Private OR Virtual Retreat

Imagine spending a whole day with Kimberley, visioning and creating the life and business of your dreams.  Your day can be split into 2 half days if you wish. 

We’ll be working with aligning your body, your being, your business, your life!

This day is tailored to your specific needs and can include: Business Strategy; Niche, Branding, Money Mastery, Mindset, Energy Work

1 full day of one on one facilitation with Kimberley, visioning and aligning every area of your life to the future you are creating including but not limited to: relationships, money, business, health, home and you. 

Here’s What’s Included;

1 session prior to VIP Day 

2 – 30 min sessions after VIP Day  

Time to Vision and Align with the Future You Desire

Deep Mindset & Energetic Alignment Work from Kimberley.  Aligning your body & being with the future you are creating. 


Your VIP Day is bespoke to you and tailored to your specific needs and may include Business Coaching, Mentoring, Consultancy, Deep Mindset and Energetics.  Business Models, Business Strategy,  Niche, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Creating High-Value Premium Programmes, Group Programmes, Certification Programmes, and more.

Ask your body or your higher self, What will my contribution create for you, your life, your body, your business, your money flows? 

Wanna play? 

Got Questions. Let’s have a quick chat and make sure this is the right offer for you and we’re the right fit to work together.  DM me on Facebook or Book A Clarity Call below

Your Investment: £3500 or £1800 for 1/2 Day

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Here’s What My Clients Are Saying

Kimberley is an incredible person, I spent a VIP Day with her and we focused on my branding, website and copy and all the things that are really important that I hadn’t got round to do. I’ve found Kimberley to be there for me every time, She’s been an amazing support to me. Anytime I’ve been overhwhelmed, a bit down, she brings me back up. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Stop thinking about it and do it. She’s not one of those coaches who just gives you the bare minimum, she gives you everything she’s got and more. She’s just a lovely beautiful person to boot.

Debbie Golec, Executive Coach, UK

“I had invested in an intensive marketing course but something was missing and fortunately I found that in Kim.  She pointed out that I was 80% there, I had a lot of the practical and emotional things sorted but without individual attention on my business and my emotions I was aware that I may never get my business off the ground.  One ‘VIP day’ later and I have a complete strategy for launching not one but 3 products and it’s such a relief.  I’ve got lots of work to do to finalise everything but I know that I’ll stick to my deadlines as I will be submitting accountability forms to Kim.  I am very excited about the future!” 

Kate Cave, Life Coach. UK

“Kimberley has introduced me to new business models and given me the encouragement and the inspiration to create higher value coaching program and start charging what I’m worth.  As a result of working directly with Kim, I have adopted the new business models, so that I am no longer trapped trading time for money and have created programmes that will increase my income by 400%!.  Crazy though it seems, I know I am providing greater value to my clients and am confident that they will snap up these programmes.  I now have a 3, 6 and 12-month vision mapped out for my business and with new business models that will support me in taking my business mobile, wherever I am in the world.  I’m excited to be launching my new programmes!”

Jessica Rose, Holistic Voice Coach UK

“I received $14,596 within a month!

Literally 3 days after my session with Kimberley – on blocks around receiving money and subconscious beliefs surrounding self worth and struggle when it came to money… I received a check in the mail for $1446.00. The source was clearly unexpected, it was from a past mortgage settlement that I shared with my ex husband from 7 years prior.

I have a job with a corporation in sales. I had a dry spell where I hadn’t made a franchise sale for 9 months. Prior to that I was consistently selling/closing every other month. After my session with Kimberley, I have closed 3 franchise deals within 6 weeks!  Totalling $13,500 in commission! 9 month dry spell is OVER!

This all happened within a month after my coaching session with her and uncovering some nasty old belief patterns of low self worth and feeling that money should come to me with grief and lots of struggle. It’s a relief as I build my own business that I won’t have these same limiting beliefs surrounding prosperity as I plan to go big with my business… or go home!

Thank you Kimberley! Xoxox”

-Karie Millspaugh, USA

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