silver lining

Life Lessons & Silver Linings

Life lessons are everywhere. Life is always bringing us lessons.  In every situation, there is a silver lining to be found and appreciated. Do you look at something that’s hard and get easily frustrated about how difficult it is? Do you always believe that the worst-case scenario is the likely outcome? You can learn to think differently and steer the ship of your life in a different direction.

What’s the high point of the challenge you’re facing? There’s something positive about the situation you’re in. What is it? What can you learn from this? How can you grow from this experience? How will this experience make you a better person? How will this event in your life alter your future for the better?

Think of a stressful situation you currently face. Take time right now to close your eyes and ask yourself, “What’s great about this?” At first, your mind will likely answer something like, “Nothing!” Continue to think about it until your mind gives you two or three satisfying answers.

This is different than thinking that everything is perfect when it’s not. Instead of denying reality, you’re giving your mind a more accurate, balanced picture of reality. Allowing your mind to realize that there are both positive and negative aspects of your current situation puts yourself in a more productive frame of mind to deal with those negative parts of that reality.

Discover the life lessons. Every situation has something to teach you if you’ll look for it.  Ask yourself:

  • What can I learn from this challenge about my abilities and my circumstances?
  • In what ways does facing this situation improve the quality of my life?

Unless we learn the lessons, accepts the blessings, gifts or access the virtues our unconscious mind continues to re-create situations until we do.

I would love to hear your takeaways, so please share your experience on this exercise and comment on the blog below.

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