Are You Having Fun With Money Yet?

How many lies, beliefs, stories do you have that are creating your funk with money?

What if you could have fun with money?

Are you ready to transform your money beliefs and stories into money possibilities and receiving?

What would that create in your life?

Do you have negative beliefs around money?
A lot of people do. How do you judge money?

Maybe Money can be hard to earn, difficult to hold on to, you have to give it all away when you have it, or you feel unworthy of having a lot, maybe to reject money because you think there are not enough for everyone then. Maybe you constantly create dept even though you are great at earning money. Or maybe you just create dept without earning enough?

Can you earn a lot of money or do you have to struggle or work many hours to do so ?
What’s your mechanism related to money ? Is it easy or hard ? Does it take a long time or can you actualize money straight away? Do you hate money or like money ?

Did you know that your unconscious mind has a thermostat that regulates your money flows? That your unconscious thoughts, feelings and patterns with money can and will create a glass ceiling that you struggle to go beyond.  Many of these money blocks are inherited from family, ancestral patterns, past lives, spiritual programming.

What’s your parents money story?

Are you copying your families money story?  Perhaps you’re doing your best not to replicate it, but at the same time still locked into those old money patterns.  It’s soo common.  Often people work a little on their money stuff and then give  up, they may get a shift, and then their unconscious mind comes up to stop and sabotage them.

These are just some of the questions to give you awareness of how much money impacts our daily life. Money can be one of the biggest worries, impacting life, business, health, relationships, even for those who have plenty of money.  Crazy right!

Money’s such a complex area, and there are so many areas connected with our money funk.  Some people might give up because they tend to attract the same patterns over an over again.

That’s why I’ve joined with my great friend and coach, Anjsafira  and we’ve put together this amazing 5 day program filled with the most important energy shifting tools that have worked for us and we have seen working on tons of people and that we continue to personally use on a daily basis.

We will work on the groups most relevant money topics to ensure, you get a shift in your life with money right now. This programme will be tailored specifically to the group needs, so you’ll receive plenty of personal attention.

What magic can we create for you and your money relationship?

Also you of course will have to use the tools we give you on a daily basis to maximise your money receiving. The tools we put in this program, are easy to learn, quick to use and we have seen them work for so many people, so it will work for you too. Like anything, you  JUST HAVE TO USE THEM.

Here’s What You’ll Receive In This Programme

1) Clearing Money judgements, conclusions, misidentifications. confusion
2) Money lack and scarcity
3) Money abuse
4) Money patterns of receiving/spending
5) Money biomimetic mimicry of ancestors, others
6) Money & relationships
7) Money & Debt /Abundance                                                                                                                                                                         8) Money & God/religious themes
9) Money & ancestors
10) Money & earlier life times
11) Get positive beliefs and emotions to support you in creating more money and with ease
12) Pictures for higher self, relevant to your money goals/issues
13) Clearing of oaths, wows, contracts and conclusions, new belief patterns
14) Cleared energy to people that has a negative impact on your money situations

State of the art Money Funny Money creating tools:

” How to out create others in money creation – Questions
” How to call in money and expand the wealth you have already – meditation
” How to keep clearing money stuff and growth/expansion in money – Sound file
” Daily Questions to ask before you start your day – to attract more money- Print version
” Contribution from Anjasafira & Kimberley to receive money during this 5 calls – Quick meditation
” Q&A in Facebook group (where participants can help each other, and we will answer questions during these 5 weeks)
” Clearing meditation of old stuff related to money, relationships etc. that impacts money, orders, clients, family etc


Here’s What You’ll Receive In This Programme


  • 5 Energy Clearing Calls & Short Q & A
  • Energy Tools ( Energy Pulls, Activations)
  • Private Facebook Group (for connection, community, accountability, support)
  • MP3 Call Recordings

Translation will be available in Danish and German if required


Here’s How The Schedule Will Flow 20th October – 31 October 2019

  1. Sun 20 Oct  9am BST  What’s Your Money Story/Ancestral Clearing
  2. wed 23 Oct  7pm BST   Clearing Your Judgements around Money
  3. Sun 27 Oct 9am BST    Clearing Money Debt
  4. 30 Oct 7pm BST            Enhancing Money Flows
  5. Thur 31 7pm BST          Receiving Money
                                                                         Value: Priceless        Your Investment £265


Receive Free Money Funny Money Intro Call Here

Here’s What People Say About Playing With Me!

“I received $14,596 within a month!

Literally 3 days after my session with Kimberley – on blocks around receiving money and subconscious beliefs surrounding self worth and struggle when it came to money… I received a check in the mail for $1446.00. The source was clearly unexpected, it was from a past mortgage settlement that I shared with my ex husband from 7 years prior.

I have a job with a corporation in sales. I had a dry spell where I hadn’t made a franchise sale for 9 months. Prior to that I was consistently selling/closing every other month. After my session with Kimberley, I have closed 3 franchise deals within 6 weeks!  Totalling $13,500 in commission! 9 month dry spell is OVER!

This all happened within a month after my coaching session with her and uncovering some nasty old belief patterns of low self worth and feeling that money should come to me with grief and lots of struggle. It’s a relief as I build my own business that I won’t have these same limiting beliefs surrounding prosperity as I plan to go big with my business… or go home!

Thank you Kimberley! Xoxox”

-Karie Millspaugh, Now an Abundance Coach! –

“After just one session with Kimberley I was able to clear limiting beliefs that I have had for a lifetime. I recognised how I had been holding back in my business because of those beliefs. Kimberley not only helped me design an action plan that allows me to expand the reach I want to have in the world, but she gave me immediate results and tools to implement! If you feel stuck in your business and you aren’t sure what to do next, I highly recommend working with Kimberley to create the legacy you know you are meant to live. She really is a brilliant and gifted guide to living a life I love!!!”

-Marilyn Sorensen. Hand Analyst, USA. –

“Kimberley helped shift some deep unconscious beliefs around money and my self-worth.  I felt confident to significantly increase my prices the next day and my website has been updated.  I have since been challenged by a few people on my prices but I have stayed firm!  Thanks Kimberley for all your support and love.”

-Sonraya Grace

Hey Beautiful,

I’m Kimberley and like you, I always knew that there was something more, yet I struggled to create the more that I was looking for.  Like you, I’d been conditioned to live within the limitations and restrictions of “normal”, I felt guilty sometimes for wanting more, my relationship with money was quite casual, and roller coaster.  My unconscious blocks and stories, kept me struggling with money, struggling to attract clients and working too hard, which left me frustrated as I loved my work with clients and the clients that I worked with got amazing results and transformation in their life.  I identified core unconscious beliefs, clearing past lives, ancestral lives and childhood programming allowing me to create my own reality.

I invested a ton of time and money in personal development, training and business coaching, cleared many of my unconscious blocks and began creating breakthroughs in my business, doubling, tripling and quadrupling my income. Learning ways to leverage my time, create more income and impact.  I’ve failed my way to success, I gave away my power, followed the guru formulas, some of which worked and some which didn’t.

I’ve over 30 years experience in personal development. With a background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy,  NLP & Hypnosis, Master Theta Healer, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, together with my spiritual gifts of Mediumship, Channelling, Clairvoyance, Intuition and Certified Business Coach to support you as you discover how YOU CAN, call in the money, magic, miracles and create the life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re ready to be empowered to be all that you are, all that you’re becoming and embody your greatness, I’d love to share some of these magical tools with you and support you to create the life and business of your dreams. 

Kazim Attracted a 6 Figure Consulting Position!

Before working with Kimberley, I just felt stuck and so restricted in life. I was trying to start a business that wasn’t really going anywhere, I was constantly experiencing trouble with money and was stuck living in a tiny room in my parents house as a result! After working with Kimberley for a relatively short time, who helped me by using a combination of healing and coaching techniques, I am now experiencing more freedom than ever before not to mention I´m creating more money than I ever have before,having now attracted a 6 Figure Consulting Position! Kimberley helped me in progressively smashing through my old blocks and I feel I’m really starting to show up in life. I will continue to work with Kimberley on my journey and would definitely recommend working with her for anyone who is looking to have a better relationship with money, abundance or just overall looking to level up in life.   ~ Kazim Hussain




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