The Path of Mystery Integration & Mastery 

On the path of mystery 

One find’s one’s self 

For on the path of mystery 

There is nothing but mystery,  

For in mystery there is question 

And in the question is everything 

Infinite Possibilities 

There is nothing to hold on to 

Nothing but self 

There may be much battle on the path with self 

Yet it is only when you embrace and receive your self 

That you find your true Self 

Receive everyone and everything 

For in Self  

Is everyone you meet 

In Self is every situation, opportunity or challenge you encounter 

Many seek, and in time all will encounter 

The mystery deep within 

For truly when you find Self 

You realise that there is no other 

Never has been, never will be  

For All is One  

Come home to your Self 

Come home dear one to Love 

For that is what you are 

One Love 


Kimberley Lovell 2019 

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