Quantum Hypnotherapy

(Current Life, Past Life, Life Between Lives, Future Life, Galactic Lives, Spirit Release, Hypnotic Healing)

In these Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions you will be guided to connect with an experience in another time/space/dimension/reality according to your intentions for the session.  You may connect with Inner Guides, Inner Healer, Spirit Guides to assist in healing and transforming your body. You will gain insight on your Souls journey and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Kimberley will connect you will your Higher Self to answer these questions and for any healing.

These sessions are similar to QHHT or BQH but with the additional knowledge and experience Kimberley has gained having trained and worked with over the last 30 years. 

Kimberley Lovell is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Medium, Energy Healer, and Hypnotherapy Trainer, trained with skills not taught to QHHT practitioners.  Since some people are not visual and cannot use their imagination to follow a visual script as in QHHT, she uses a variety of hypnotherapy inductions (verbal and non-verbal) to induce a hypnotic trance. Your session is uniquely tailored to you and is done free-style without scripts.  As the client, you may or may not go to a past life to address your issues, as your Higher Self will be guiding the session and will present what is required to support your process.  Depending on your belief systems, we may call in Angels, Ascended Masters,  Source/God to empower you during your session.

Kimberley uses her intuitive gifts of mediumship, her vast therapeutic tools, and her cosmic spirit team to journey with you and support your connections, her energy and voice will guide you into a comfortable trance, and her during the session to release blocked emotions and focuses on the act of forgiveness. During her sessions, she may encounter entities, thought forms, or other blockages and works with her clients to release them. Issues with spirits, family members, and friends are addressed. 

Quantum Hypnotherapy

Quantum Hypnotherapy is used to work with your adult self, your inner child,  sub-personalities, traumas and phobias, physical symptoms, and for your soul’s growth and ascension work. These sessions are for clearing emotional patterns, beliefs, and complexes in this lifetime. (Remember our blocks and issues may come from this lifetime, past lives, ancestors, or from spirit)  These sessions are highly transformative, as you will clear the root issues and integrate healing resources and powerful, generative and resourceful states of consciousness on all levels of mind, body, spirit.  These techniques are not shown on YouTube, however Kimberley does offer these techniques in her Transpersonal and Quantum Hypnotherapy Training Courses.   The focus of Kimberley’s sessions is to empower you on your soul’s journey and to become all of who you are.  Love, Joy, Peace, are often the by-products of these sessions. 

Quantum Leap Success

These sessions focus on clearing resistance and internal conflict, rewiring your brain for peak performance.  Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, procrastination, overwhelm, indecision. Gain clarity, courage, confidence, heightened intuition, focus, decisive action, and heal all and any blocks to visibility that have been keeping you hidden or holding you back in your life and in business. Heal low self-worth, self-esteem, imposter syndrome, self-doubt. Clear oaths and vows of self-sacrifice, poverty. Connect with your own business advisors and/or cosmic spirit team. Step into your divine life purpose/path as a Divine Feminine Leader.

Quantum Wealth

In these sessions we focus on clearing money blocks, transforming your relationship with abundance. We might heal current, past life, or generational oaths and vows regarding money, wealth, abundance. We may clear deep unconscious patterns around self-love, self-trust, worthiness, and receiving.


Higher Self/Future Self Activation & Embodiment

Your Higher Self is the part of you that holds many answers and can guide you on your Soul’s Path. Our Ascension journey is the process of embodying our Higher Self. When you are able to connect and embody your Higher Self, you have greater clarity, focus on your Soul’s purpose and mission, and more ease and joy in all areas of your life and business, as well as a life-long connection and valuable resource to guide you.

Your Future Self is a parallel you that is already being and doing whatever it is that you’re wanting to be and do right now.  Your Future Self is a great key to creating your greatest future and highest timeline.

These sessions are perfect for identifying future possibilities and collapsing time and space and connecting you with your highest timeline and next-level calling, impact, and income.


Quantum Health

In these session we will connect and commune with your Body, your Higher Self, your Inner Healer and Spirit to ascertain the root causes of illness, dis-ease and to create greater health and well-being.  You may receive wisdom, guidance and healing activations from your Higher Self, Inner Healer, Spirit Team or Star Beings.


Your Quantum Hypnotherapy or Quantum Hypnosis Session

All session take place using the online zoom video platform.  During your session I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state known as the Theta brain wave state.  The Theta Brain Wave is a highly creative state that allows you to connect with your unconscious (subconscious) mind and your super-conscious mind. We may connect with your Higher Self, Your Guides, Angels, Star-Beings, Multi-Dimensional Self, Past Lives, Between Lives, Future Lives, Parallel Lives.  Your session may involve, healing and integration.


You may have seen or may wish to view some of my quantum hypnosis session recordings on my YouTube Channel.  These sessions were recorded and posted with full permission from my amazing clients. All audio and video recordings from sessions are given to my clients for their personal use (not for posting). Since most of these sessions are hypnotherapy sessions and are private, these are not posted on YouTube and often what is posted are extracts and names and personal elements and hypnotherapy techniques are edited out. Some clients are happy for audio or extracts of their sessions to be posted as they contain information that is useful for humanity.  


Here’s What’s Included;


Pre-Talk & Intentions 

Hypnotherapy Session



Fees: 60 mins £200  90 mins Session £250  2-3hrs £350


Ask your body or your higher self, What will a Quantum Hypnotherapy session create for you, your life, your body, your business, your money flows, your future? 




How To Prepare For Your Session

Quantum Hypnosis Soul Journeys – You will want to prepare a list of issues, and questions. From these issues, questions we will create your intention for the session.  Please return your questionnaire form before the session to allow us to make the most of your session.

Looking For Past Life Regression Training?


Kimberley is such a great practitioner! She knows how to keep space and what to do in all kinds of situations to achieve the best result for the session. As she is continuously connected with you, she feels what is the best course of action to achieve what you asked from the session.

In my session, I connected for the first time on a deeper level with my guides and channeled them. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful and thankful to Kimberley for this experience! ~ Bogdan

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