Queen of the Forest 

This channelling was done when I was directed on 11/11/2019 to go and talk with a 500 year old Oak Tree in the New Forest who is titled Queen of the Oak.  I had the most magic day ever, as I was met by mumma and her baby pigs, more big pigs, horses a beautiful fairy ring of mushrooms and of course The Queen of the Forest herself.

Here’s what The Queen of the Forest had to say when I greeted her. 

What a joy to connect with you. I’m so glad you’ve come.   The title of Queen of the Forest is not as it may appear within your human kingdom.   As an elder, as a Matriach and lineage holder, I am here to serve the forest and this is a role that is indeed an honour and brings me great joy and fulfilment, to feel myself connected with all that is within the forest and to be the conduit of source energy, love and wisdom from the earth, from the heavens and beyond.  I laughed with you as the pigs came to play with you, hunting out the acorns, as you were captivated by the magic of the forest and entered into your very own wonderland, becoming once more, the magical child. It is this magic which I desire to share with you.  So often in your world you are impatient, for you seek outcomes, you create deadlines, and you are impatient with yourself,  and with the world in general.  But you see time is not real. There is only this moment, which evolves in it’s own eternal now and infinite time/space.    I am a part of nature, and aligned with the rhythms, cycles and seasons, I surrender to the process of evolution, knowing that each cycle, each season is a gift. 

In the summer I am covered with leaves and surrounded by greenery, there are more visitors and I love to bask in the sun, yet in autumn as my leaves change colour and as the winds blow, inevitably they eventually fall. I do not grieve, for I know that nothing is lost or wasted.   I surrender to the letting go for I have no need to hold on. My joy is in giving and it is in giving that I receive the greatest joy. For in the giving of myself, in the exchange of love, I too receive a reflection of the love that I am and that we all are.  Each day I share my essence with the earth, and with the heavens. I love to feel the warmth of the sun, yet I love also the wind and the rain, for each nurture me and my family. I love to share my essence with the trees, the animals and humans that visit. I love to see the squirrels and the pigs as they feed the on the acorns. I do not fear death for each year I am planting more acorns that will in time become themselves mature oak trees.  My roots are sunk deep into the earth, I am connected with the crystal grid, supported by the minerals within the soil, and the extensive community of trees within the forest as our roots connect and exchange knowledge.  I like you, am a record keeper, and hold within my being, ancient wisdom, knowledge, and memories of the stars. I love to share this wisdom, the frequencies and codes with those who are open and seeking.   

As Queen, I am here to serve and hold space for all, that is my honour.  These are the qualities of Sovereignty.  To know yourself and your place in the world, to share the love, the spirit of life with all whom you meet. To stand tall in your power as you surrender to all of life and all it brings, knowing that you are loved, abundant and to share that love and abundance with the world.”

This Oak also gifted me an energetic Oak remedy. Strength and fortitude.  

If you’re feeling tired, depleted, exhausted, simply ask to receive this energetic transfer and you shall.  Feel your feet on the ground, focusing on your feet, taking your attention down through the soles of your feet, deeper and deeper, deeper down, into Mother Earth, allowing the minerals from the soil to support you, connecting in with the Essence of Oak and allow yourself to receive the love transmitted from this beautiful Queen Oak. Know that you are stronger than you think, that you are loved and supported and that it’s safe for you to receive. Remember to play, allow your imagination to guide you to an enchanted forest and reconnect with your magical child within.

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