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I love empowering women with their Sacred Money Archetypes and one of these is The Ruler, in fact it’s one of my top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes and incredibly powerful.  The Sacred Purpose for the Ruler is To Create An Empire of Wealth With Grace and Ease

So for all you women out there, who are looking to empower your leadership and embrace your sacred and financial destiny I want to share this amazing poem and picture with you.  May it touch your heart and soul as it has touched mine and may you embody the Queen of  Hearts that lives within you.


Every Woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart

Every woman is the Queen of her own heart.

It isn’t something she does, it is who she is.

She must decide how 
to govern her own domain.

She seeks friends and allies that honor

who she is and who she is becoming.

She has the power to create miracles.

She does not know how

or when her needs will be met,

but she trusts the will of the Divine.

Being the Queen of one’s domain 
is not about being

the ruler over anyone else’s life or ideas.

And it isn’t even about 
calling herself a Queen.

It is about self honor. It is about choice.

It is about knowing her limits

and setting her boundaries.

It is about learning how to live

with what comes her way,

with as much grace,

majesty and justice as she can.

And sometimes, yes, 
she has to have her own way!

She knows she has a calling 
to greatness within her.

She leads her own life as grand experiment

in happiness, in creativity, and in abundance.

She offers her gifts to others,

but not to her own detriment.

She rests as she needs to,

ruling one’s own life takes energy.

She chooses to embody wholeness,

her sovereign essence,

even when she feels fragmented

by all there is to do, and be.

She holds the prayers of the world within her

because she cares what happens – 
with all beings

even though she cannot reach them all.

She reaches whom she can.

She often feels like she is not pulling it all off,

and sometimes she isn’t.

But she keeps reaching anyway.

She keeps opening her heart

and being in her own power.

She governs her life in gratitude.

She is the Queen of Her Own Heart

and she knows that, and that

is a very good thing. 

Shiloh Sophia

One day while meditating on my Soul Purpose I was given the Whitney Houston song The Greatest Love of All, so I decided to give a percentage of my profits to SmileTrain.  SmileTrain do amazing work with children and adults worldwide who are suffering with cleft palates and hare lip. Just £150 will pay for the operation to transform someone’s life forever. This is a part of my legacy of love. I’m blessed to be able to contribute through my business. What is your legacy of love?
If you’d like support in stepping into your power, embracing your leadership, aligning your spiritual and financial destiny and creating the life and business of your dreams, there’s still time to join us on The Sacred Money Archetypes Programme. Find out more about how you can connect with you Inner Ruler, and transform your life and business here Sacred Money Archetypes and How To Align Your Spiritual & Financial Destiny. We’ve just started, but it’s not too late to join us.  Sacred Money Archetypes and How To Align Your Spiritual & Financial Destiny
I would love to hear your comments and aha’s, your challenges and questions about becoming Queen of Your Own Heart, creating your legacy of love and aligning with your spiritual and financial destiny, so please leave your comments, insights, challenges or questions.


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