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Did you know that you were born with a Sacred Financial Destiny? Yes, it’s true. We all have one!


Are you ready to fulfill that destiny and live your richest and most purposeful and fulfilling life?


If you’re resonating with this possibility and your heart is saying yes, then read on, because this opportunity is perfect for you.  Maybe you’re  feeling stuck right now in your life or business, or are experiencing a plateau or roller coaster or feast and famine with money, whatever your pattern and relationship with money this opportunity is just what you need to move beyond your current story and whole heartedly embrace this wonderful financial empowerment that will reward you over and over again for the rest of your life.

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you know that my big mission in life is to help people like you raise your vibration, so that you can live a life of purpose, passion and prosperity and a big part of this work is healing the split between money and spirituality.

You see you were born with a purpose, you have an amazing destiny, that’s waiting for you to step into.  You are here to shine and light up the world and the universe is inviting you right now to connect with your magnificence, tap into your infinite abundance of the universe so that you can truly do what you came here to do.

Money dear ones, is simply energy, it is neither good or bad, yet for years you have given away your power. Hidden your talents and played small. You have fears about standing out, speaking your truth, being in your power. You have vows of poverty and fears of persectuion, judgment.  You have lived out of alignment with your true power. You have denied yourself the experience of gods love and abundance that is your birthright.

Knowing your sacred archetypes will change all that, for they are your guide to a spirit rich, empowered life. A life where you can live your dreams, and step into your sacred destiny.

You see when you transform your relationship with money, who you are changes, your consciousness evolves, as does your reality, allowing you to live more of your purpose and passion and to serve more people.

Here’s what Sheila said after a couple of weeks of working with her Sacred Money Archetypes

“Just to let you know since working with the sacred money archetypes and with Kimberley I have attracted in £1200 extra this month with very little effort! Very happy”.  Sheila Kadeer

From my personal example…when I started to embrace my relationship with money and really step into my own financial destiny, I realised that I can support the wonderful charities like smiletrain and kiva.

Money is simply energy, but it’s such a powerful subject and something that we often don’t talk about. So let me ask you, how you feel about money?  What is your dominant feeling when you think about money?  Do you expand in joy or contract with fear?  How do these feeling affect your life?  Because how you do money is how you do everything.  If you’re living with fear or contraction around money, you’re limiting yourself, you’re creating stress and dis-ease in all areas of your life, including your relationship with yourself, your partner, your work, your clients.  It’s all connected.  You know that I’m about empowerment and I’d love to empower you, to transform every area of your life, including your business, and your bank account.


So here’s my special opportunity and invitation to you….


 “Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype” 

Golden Buddha


A personalized reading so you can step into the abundance that is your birthright and powerfully take charge of both your money and your life.

Discovering my own Money Archetypes (Accumulator, Maverick & Ruler ) has really highlighted how my spirit likes to make money and even what makes me tick around the issues of money. The more I connect with my Sacred Archetypes, the more I’m able to step into greater alignment with my purpose and my own sacred financial destiny.

We have to change the inner before we can experience the outer transformation we’re seeking. Doing this deep inner money work has truly transformed my life in the most amazing ways.

I no longer do work that I don’t enjoy. I am free to live the life I choose, and have time to pursue my passions and create wealth doing what I love, all whilst working from the comfort of my home and because of how I set up my work, I can be anywhere in the world and still make money.

If I hadn’t done this deep inner work I wouldn’t be where I am today and I here similar stories from my amazing clients and colleagues who have taken this journey, some of whom have totally transformed their lives, from being down to their last few pounds to creating rich and rewarding lives as they empowered their spirit and stepped into their abundance.

When you discover YOUR Sacred Money Archetype, you’ll unlock exactly what makes YOU tick when it comes to money. Once you solve the riddle as to HOW you’re going to move beyond (far beyond) your current money story, you’ll know exactly how to step into the kind of financial empowerment that you can bank on. You’ll discover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income today to secure your financial freedom and future. And you’ll learn how to apply the power of your Sacred Money Contract (Yes, you have one…EVERYONE does!) to your business, so you can transform your ideas into financial success in big, meaningful and exciting ways.

During your private Sacred Money Archetype Reading, you’ll discover:

  1. Your Primary Sacred Money Archetype and your two supporting archetypes.
  2. How to get your archetypes working beautifully together in perfect harmony.
  3. Your biggest blocks around money and how to shift them into powerful action that gets results.
  4. The most profitable actions you can take immediately to increase your income right now.

Your Sacred Money Archetype holds the key to removing any resistance to making more money, clearing the path for you to achieve financial success with grace and ease, knowing you deserve it!


Your Sacred Money Archetype Reading includes:

  1. A simple yet powerful and assessment which will identify your Sacred Money Archetypes.
  2. A highly transformational Sacred Money Alignment Tool that you can use on a daily basis to change how you embrace and work with money!
  3. A power-packed 60-minute private one-on-one reading/session with yours truly.
  4. Rapid Transformational Clearing of Unconscious Beliefs impacting your money flows.


At the completion of our amazing time together, I’ll lay out specific action steps for you and personally follow up with you via email to make CERTAIN you’ve completed the action steps to move you forward right now so that you start to immediately step into your sacred financial destiny and into the bigger vision of you with a thriving business and abundant lifestyle.

Here’s to living your financial destiny and stepping into the natural abundance that is your birthright.


Yes Kimberley, I’m Ready to Discover My Sacred Money Archetype and Step into My Financial Destiny!


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Note:  These sessions are highly transformational, and literally priceless.

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