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I’ve spent a beautiful weekend with 5 brave and beautiful souls diving into their self love, self worth, confidence, as we learnt to connect with our innate love and beauty on a Theta Healing Rhythm course.  Love is the greatest healer, it’s also the greatest manifestor, when you truly love and value yourself, you’ll attract all of your heart’s dreams and desires.  Loving yourself takes courage, it take discipline, it takes inspired action, faith and determination. It takes heart work. It takes everything you have at times, but it gives it all back and more. So today my question is do you love yourself enough to shine?  Or are you holding back with your gifts?  Are you confident in your gifts, abilities, your niche and marketing strategy or do you need support?

Many times I hear women say they don’t know how to market, or they’re not sure on their niche, because they don’t know how to stand out from the crowd and be seen and heard.  Sometimes people question if there are too many coaches?  My answer is always the same.

You are here for a purpose, whatever your heart and soul is calling you to do is your purpose!

So it doesn’t matter if there are a million coaches, healers, therapists, because you are one in a million!

I’m a great fan of Adele, you might have seen my Karaoke picture in a recent newsletter.  Where I spent most of the night singing Adele songs.  I love creativity, singing and expressing our souls desires. I found this on youtube and I loved it.



You see here’s the golden nugget of truth I’m sharing with you today.

You are unique.  You have a gift, a message, you have a particular message, and there may be others sharing similar messages, but they’re not you, and they’re not sharing it in the way that you were born to share your message and your gifts. They can’t because there’s only one of you.

The world is waiting for you to share your purpose, your passion, your gifts with the world.

STOP waiting, start sharing and making the difference you came here to make.

You can do it.  Believe.


If you’d like my help getting clarity on your purpose, your unique message, branding and marketing, then drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to connect and see how I can help you shine your light and share your gifts with the world.

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