Do you ever feel disheartened or disillusioned with life?

Life and business for that matter is sometimes like a game of snakes and ladders.  There are ups and there are downs, this is natural and part of being human.

No matter how positive we are, or what our personal situation there will always be challenges to overcome.  What matters most in life is not what happens but rather how we respond to it and this really is the only thing that we can control anyway.

Many of our life challenges are simply opportunities for us to grow. We lean as we grow through life and overcome our challenges So bless your drama, bless your challenges, because ultimately they are a gift from you to you.

Yes we create our own problems!

How amazing is that!

The good news is we can create the solutions too.

In Theta I am always helping people to understand how their thoughts and feelings create their reality and teach them how to transform their thoughts, feelings and beliefs and to manifest their dreams.

You see in order for us to manifest our dreams we have to be aligned with them, in thought, word and action.

It’s no good just saying affirmations, because ultimately our unconscious mind and every part of us needs to embrace these positive beliefs and behaviours in order to manifest what we want.

We can’t go around saying I’m rich, I’m rich and then moaning about every pound we spend.  That’s not in alignment with being rich.

Here’s the thing, we’re often looking for someone or something to blame when things go wrong and what that does is cause us to give our power away.

According to Abraham Hicks, every emotional has a vibration. Our thoughts and feelings which are inextricably linked affect how we feel.  If we think negative, we will feel negative and attract negative situations in our lives.  Often the situation just is.  It’s us that determine if it’s positive or negative.

Only you can take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.

So if you want to change how you feel, choose to look differently at the situation.  Choose to see the best in everything.  If you look for the best you will find it.  If you look for the worst you will find it, so you wouldn’t want to do that would you?

Check out your current emotional state by looking at the emotional guidance scale.  To move up the scale to a more positive higher vibration, simply reach for a higher thought. The more willing you are to question your thoughts and change the story you are telling yourself, the easier it is to change your vibration.


emotional guideance scale


In order to manifest your dreams, you’ll want to be vibrating as high as possible and choosing those higher thoughts and feelings.


What are you not willing to believe, that if you chose to believe it now would transform your life instantly?


Choose to believe in beliefs that support you, that fire you up and catapault you to the life of your dreams and if it’s really bad for you right now, then just take a baby step up, move up the scale with your thoughts.

What matters is not where you are right now, but where you are heading, so take a step in the right direction.

Choose to think and feel positive and you will reach your destination, sooner than you think.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you’d like help with and I’ll include it in a future blog post.


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