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Kimberley Lovell is an International Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Global Leader in the field of  Consciousness, Human Potential and Spiritual Growth.

A Spiritual Intuitive, Energy Healer, Inspirational Teacher, Holistic Business Mentor, and Money and Manifesting Coach, Speaker and Author of “Messages From Heaven:” and Co-Author of “Successful Transformation: Expert Life Coaches Share Their Transformational Secrets.” 

Kimberley has been affectionately referred to as “The Holistic Business Alchemist.”  Kimberley’s work offers a unique blend of  Spirituality, Neuroscience and Ancient Spiritual Wisdom.

Kimberley’s purpose and passion is to serve, inspire, and empower people to live their passion and their purpose by embracing and embodying their truth, clearing their unconscious blocks and overcoming any obstacle or challenge so they can become who they are truly meant to be and make fabulous money whilst living their divine purpose and serving the world!

Many of Kimberley’s clients double, triple or quadruple their income as they clear their blocks and learn how to monetize their magic, creating powerful transformational programmes.

Kimberley has served thousands of people over the years through her own work as a Medium, Healer, Channel, Transpersonal Psychotherapist,  Coach and Mentor.  She is the Founder of Soulutions Holistic Training, where she trains people in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Access Consciousness, NLP, Theta Healing and Coaching as well as Shamanic Studies and mentors women business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Kimberley is based in the UK and works and teaches worldwide.


Kimberley’s presentations are “highly inspirational”, “full of energy, wisdom” and  “a breath of fresh air” they are truly a gift for our world today!

Talk Topics

Business Alchemy Talk
5 Magical Keys to Transform Your Purpose & Passion Into Profits
The Key to Manifesting and Living Your Vision & Mission Talk
The Key to Manifesting and Living Your Vision & Mission
The Key to Manifesting and Living Your Vision & Mission Talk
Mastering The Law of Attraction
Manifesting and abundance talk
Unleash Your Inner Genie With The One Command
Manifesting and abundance talk
Manifesting & Abundance With Theta
Learn How To Create The Life and Business of Your Dreams
The Key to Manifesting and Living Your Vision & Mission Talk
Unveiling Your Purpose and Gifts
Manifesting and abundance talk
Money Mastery & Wealth Consciousness -Transforming Your Unconscious Blocks
Manifesting and abundance talk
Align Your Spiritual & Financial Destiny With The Sacred Money Archetypes

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Interview & Speaking Testimonials

“Kimberley showed us how to connect with ourselves not just intellectually, but at a deeper level to create the space for growth and acceptance of who we are so that we’re able to believe that we are enough no matter where we’re at in our life and business. Thank you, Kimberley, for taking the listeners and myself on a journey right there on the spot”

Felicia Streeter

MBA, Million Dollar Collaboration Mentor

“Kimberley gave a truly memorable presentation, for our Therapist and Coaches Group, enlightening, inspiring and amazing us, as she shared many of her insider Business Marketing Secrets. Kimberley has a big heart that shines out from her presentation, demonstrating her love, compassion and understanding for her audience, their challenges and their needs. I know I speak for us all, when I say you really helped us to see our Marketing and our Business in a new light and your heart-based business marketing model felt so natural for us. I don’t think we would have discovered any of this on our own and like a lot of others thought it would be really difficult, but you made it super clear. Thank you, Kim, we love you, you rock!!”

Lynn Rich

Hampshire Health & Wellbeing

“Kimberley Lovell was highly recommended to be part of our Tribal Truth Launch in London and I was so excited to bring her beautiful energy to our event. As a speaker, I loved how she was so open to making sure she was of SERVICE to the audience, tailoring her talk to exactly what was needed in the space. She was authentic, vulnerable and vibrant. She brings a mix of spirituality and business that is beautiful. Thanks Kim for your contribution!”

Tanya Paluso

Tribal Truth

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