If you want to experience more ease, grace, joy, flow and profits in your business, you need to learn how to prioritise & schedule your time.

 So here’s my simple Daily Marketing Plan.

 My typical day consists of just 30 minutes marketing.

 This could be

  • Setting up speaking gigs
  • Connecting with potential joint venture partners or affiliate partners
  • Delivering Discovery Sessions


My Typical Week consists of;

  • Transformational Coaching/Healing: 1:1 Clients, Groups
  • Teaching: Workshops/Training
  • Working on one of my longer term 90 Day Projects
  • Writing: Articles, Blog or Newsletter or Promotional Material
  • Massage or Spa


 Tip 1: Prioritise

What is your fastest path to cash?

This is the project or action that’s going to create the quickest cash flow for you. Focus on that project until it’s complete.  For you that may be contacting and checking in with old clients inviting them to renew or following up on a new client lead.  It might be reviewing your business models or creating your own VIP Day or High End Coaching Programme. For me right now it’s a longer term big project.

To be honest I’m still working on this, as I like variety, have far too many ideas to ground and it’s easy for me to get distracted.  Here’s what I’m doing right now.  Committing to and scheduling an hour a day on my big project. I use a kitchen timer.  I switch off facebook, email and don’t answer the phone.  If I’m in the flow and loving it, I may end up spending longer than an hour on my project. It’s working!


Tip 2: Chunk Your Work

I like to chunk my work, as that causes less distraction, so if I’m writing I’ll spend maybe 2 hours and write a couple of articles or blog posts. If I’m creating my promotional material; sales pages, auto responders etc I’ll do it all at the same time, as much of the information is similar and I find it easier to do in one sitting rather than in dribs and drabs.


Tip 3: Take A Break!

Truth be told I can get a bit obsessive when I’m focused on my work, luckily my two kittens are a great distraction and more fun than the timer. Not long after they’re fed, they sleep, so I’ve no distractions, but once they’re awake they come and sit with me and invite me to play, so that’s my cue for a tea break.


So my coaches question to you today is which tip do you need to implement and action right now in your life and business to create the biggest shift?

Leave your answers, comments, challenges or questions below and I promise to answer every one.

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