Following Your Soul’s Direction

Where Dreams Come True   Marilyn Sorensen is  Your “Partner in Purpose”.  It is said that the meaning of life is to find your gifts and the purpose is to give them away. One of the wonderful tools she uses is scientific hand analysis to create a compass to help...

Discover Your Souls Destiny through the Major Arcana and Archetypes

Want to discover your soul’s destiny? It’s simple!  All you need is your birth date, a pen and paper for some simple maths, and the meanings of the Major Arcana, which can be found very easily online by searching for “major arcana meanings” or in a book on tarot...

Soul Purpose, Spirit & Destiny

Have you ever wondered if you had a soul purpose? Ever felt that you were meant to be doing something other than what you’re doing right now? Well the fact of the matter is YES.  You are here for a reason, you do have a soul purpose and you may well be destined to do...

Shine Your Light

Helping You Transform Your Life Be Your Self and Shine Your Light! Amaterasu was the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess who, being so bright and so radiant was sent by her parents to heaven, she now oversees and shines down upon humanity. Amaterasu became upset when her...

Sacred Money Archetypes

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